A Continual Feast: Meditations on Joy

My new course, A Continual Feast: Meditations on Joy, is now available for purchase! Here’s a devotion to introduce you to the content in this course.

A Continual Feast of Joy

For the despondent, every day brings trouble;
for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15 NLT

Is despondency weighing you down today? It often presses on me, especially in this trying year. Even the most optimistic of us are struggling to choose joy in the trials of 2020. We’ve been in quarantine for six months now, and only God knows if more trouble lies ahead for us in the remaining months.

As a natural melancholy person, happiness is not always easy for me to find. Yet as I’ve meditated on this verse year after year in my One Year Bible, I’ve found it to be true with God’s help.

Choosing joy is fully possible with God at your side. A close relationship with Jesus opens our eyes to the joy that’s hidden all around us. In fact, I’ve gone on a joy hunt since March, and I’ve been surprised at all the places where I’ve found it.

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A Continual Feast: Meditations on Joy

When you choose to seek joy in the Lord, life is a continual feast, not a table of trouble.

Jesus told us we will face many troubles (John 16:33), and yet he also said that in him, our joy will overflow (John 15:11). A continual feast that we can partake of every day, all day long. Like a Thanksgiving buffet of delightful variety and nourishment.

The best way to find joy is to feast on God’s Word every day. When we meditate on Scripture, we savor it slowly, like a fancy meal in a five-star restaurant. The nourishment from God’s Word enters our hearts and minds, becoming part of us just as food does. His Word supplies us with joy that no one can take away from us (John 16:22).

If you need an infusion of joy today, take a seat at the feast of God’s Word. Though your day may be filled with trouble, you can eat as much as you want from the Bible buffet of goodness. The Holy Spirit will stir up joy in you as you savor each bite, which will provide nourishment for your soul.

If you need an infusion of joy today, take a seat at the feast of God's Word. #choosejoy #continualfeast #christianmeditation Click To Tweet


Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the gift of joy.
It’s a wonderful balm in a world full of trouble.
I confess to you that despondency tempts me to focus on trouble.
It takes my eyes off the joy you’ve hidden all around me.
Nourish me with your Word, Lord.
Remind me to sit down at your buffet of goodness.
Feed me with your truth and grace.
Infuse these gifts into my thoughts, words and actions.
I thank you in advance for the abundant joys you will reveal
hidden even among my troubles.
In Jesus’ Name,

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A Continual Feast

A Continual Feast: Meditations on Joy

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