Married to Your Opposite? How His Traits Can Boost Your Faith

Married to Your Opposite? How His Traits Can Boost Your Faith

If you are married to your opposite, you’re on an adventure of faith. Being married to your opposite certainly keeps life interesting. It can give you highs but also bring you low. But if you look for the lessons in your relationship with your husband, the fact that you are polar opposites can boost your faith in powerful ways.

Today I’m writing about how his opposite traits can boost your faith at Experience His Freedom. Here’s a peek at my post, and I hope you’ll head over to read the rest.

Why I’d Marry My Opposite Again

Are you married to your total opposite? That’s the story of the past 18 years in my marriage.

The world knows that opposites attract, and that theme is often woven into funny or cute story lines for TV shows, books and movies. I remember dancing happily to Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” song in junior high and I delighted at watching her interact onscreen with an animated rascal. Their topsy-turvy romance made me giggle.

The truth that opposites attract can be entertaining to view at a distance. But if you’re living it in your marriage, it’s not always adorable or fun. However, my husband’s opposite traits have helped change me for the better in many ways, and that’s why I still say “I do” to my opposite.

Why Opposites Attract

This probably goes without saying, but it’s a good reminder if you feel stuck in your marriage of opposites:

We are attracted to the opposites in our spouse because they make us feel stronger…

Head over to Experience His Freedom to learn encouraging lessons about being married to your opposite. Then follow this month-long series on reasons to still say “I do” to your husband.

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Married to Your Opposite

Married to Your Opposite

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