Episode 8: Heart in a Drawer

Has the annulment of your parents’ marriage caused you deep pain? That’s the unique problem we’ll be discussing today on this episode of Heart in a Drawer, the podcast for adult children of divorce.

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The Pain of Annulment

When I reflect on my journey as a child of divorce, the pain of annulment is one of the worst memories I have. I experienced more shame, rejection, betrayal and hurt due to the annulment, when I was already suffering from so much.

If you have suffered in this rarely-discussed way, I have affirmation and hope for you in this podcast. I know I am not the only one who has suffered from this deep wound, and I want to introduce you to the healing that’s possible in God’s Word and in God’s presence.

I try hard not to cast any stones of judgment or condemnation in this discussion. The incident happened 30 years ago, and it’s far in my past. I have exercised forgiveness in this situation, but maybe you haven’t gotten that far yet. I created this podcast to help you find hope and healing.

The pain of annulment doesn’t have to hold you captive any longer. You can meditate on the truths of God’s Word to overcome the lies you may have believed about yourself after the annulment. In the podcast, I talk about the truth of the Bible in comparison to the man-made rules of religion. I pray that if you are hurting from this teaching, you will find encouragement in this podcast.

Episode 8 Heart in a Drawer

The Pain of Annulment Show Notes

The movie I reference in this podcast is called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I talk about the scene where Fred Rogers (who I loved watching as a child) helps his friend consider the people who shaped him into the man he became.

I also reference my popular post, How to Deal with a False Teacher in Your Church, which can help you decide if you have experienced spiritual abuse. It also shows you what you can do if you are having a problem in your church.

I reference three main scriptures in the podcast as well:

James 1:26-27

Philippians 3

Isaiah 43

You can download your free worksheet to help you meditate on Isaiah 43:1 and reflect on the lessons in this podcast HERE.

Episode 8 Heart in a Drawer

Episode 8: Heart in a Drawer

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