Peace in My Day: Day 9 OBS


Welcome to Day 9 of the Christmas Peace for Busy Moms online Bible study!  Today I have a special interview with Jill Hoven, blogger at Follow His Footprints.


Q:  How have you found peace in your faith journey?  Share part of your story with us.

I have always known Christ as my Savior and draw upon His strength and unconditional love. However finding His peace that surpasses all understanding has flowed from springs of pain and grief. Unexpected illnesses of loved ones caused me to dig deeply into my faith. I never questioned His presence through these difficult times. However, surrendering to Him in these moments allowed His indescribable peace to flow and carry me. I am forever in awe of the power of His peaceful presence and now draw upon it daily.

Q:  This week we are discussing peace in our days as busy moms.  Which daily rhythms bring you the most peace, and why?

My most powerful, peaceful moments come as I seek and connect with God through reading my Bible and prayer each morning. I get up early before the rest of my family and these moments provide me with a centering peace.  I also then share a verse or two with our children and we pray before they head to school. If the morning is less than peaceful, I try to bring back our peace through prayer and asking God to guide our days.

Oddly, I also find God’s peace in the mundane of cleaning up the kitchen in the evening. It’s a time I often silently seek Him and find direction.

Q:  Do you have any tips on preparing well in the evenings for a more peaceful start the next day?

In those moments of grief and pain, I began this process of seeking Him while doing the dishes in the evening.  I found His peace in the obedience of maintaining and cleaning my kitchen. It’s soothing for me to awaken to a clean kitchen as I reach for my early morning coffee!

I also try to prep for my day and encourage my children to prep their things at night as well.  If ideas/concerns come as we wind down in the evening, I either try to take care of them quickly or write notes to remind myself of it the next day.  It allows for a more peaceful night’s rest.

Q:  What tips or links from your blog will help moms order their days for more peace?

My blog journals my efforts to Follow His Footprints seeking His path for my life.  To that end, I often write about the peace that flows from following Him.  Currently on my blog I am doing a Holiday Wellness Plan where I am sharing tips and strategies on how we can all seek God for our wellness in soul, mind and body this upcoming holiday season. I love memory techniques as this is what I do at my business MemoryMinders so I’ve come up with an acronym to help us remember.

H=Holiday & Healthy Habits

O=Overflowing Life (Time Management Tips)

L= Listening to God


D=Dedication to Detail

A= Appreciation (running this week-this may actually be the most Peace filled post of this series-please visit the blog to see!)

Y=Your Plan–stay tuned for this on Nov. 17.

Jill Hoven is nurse who loves to write faith-based encouragement on wellness. She is founder of MemoryMinders, providing memory wellness services to motivated adults. When not cheering her teens at their sporting events, she can be found golfing, cooking or by the water.  Her writing has been published by Proverbs 31 Ministries and can be found on her blog Follow His Footprints where she shares her efforts to follow His path for her life. Connect with her on:





Questions for you:

What one step of preparation will you take tonight to ensure a more peaceful morning?

Which of Jill’s suggestions will help you keep your mind steadfast to result in greater peace?


This week’s theme verse:


Find the printable Bedside Reminder Card of this verse here.

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