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Hello friends!  I’m reviewing AND giving away a copy of Breaking Busy today!  Read below to see how you can enter this quick giveaway which ends 2.28.17!

Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

This book called my name because I’m way too busy.  How about you?  Do you struggle with the rat race, and feeling like you have lost your peace and purpose?

I laughed out loud at the opening story.  I’m not going to give it away, but the rush of endorphins from that belly laugh hooked me hard.  I felt like I was chatting with a funny, wise girlfriend.

Alli Worthington puts her finger right on all the ways we run ourselves ragged with too many commitments which don’t even promote happiness.  We often agree to new projects out of a sense of social obligation, not out of a calling to serve.  I nodded my head so often while reading.

Alli weaves in her personal story so beautifully.  She doesn’t hide her flaws and mistakes, even though she is a well-accomplished leader and businesswoman.  She is gentle and kind in her suggestions to change your schedule and reevaluate your priorities.  It’s even better that she speaks from a biblical worldview.

Two takeaways have already helped me since I finished this book a few days ago.  She shared her experience of hearing from the Lord while reading Psalm 23.  I felt God speaking to me in the same way He spoke to her through that psalm.  Also, she talked about communication styles:  I am an overtalker, according to her definition.  I was more aware of my tendency to overtalk at two events this weekend, and my awareness created more peace.

So many practical tips are shared in this book, in a warm, friendly manner.  I recommend it to the many women reading today all caught up in the trap of BUSY.

I was so busy, I didn’t realize I had already downloaded this book to my Kindle before I bought a paperback copy at Lifeway.  THAT’S how busy I am, ladies!  But it’s for your benefit, because I’m giving the paperback copy away today!

You can enter the giveaway for this book in a few different ways:

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  • Sounds like a book we all could use a little of 🙂 May we learn to unbusy ourselves and align ourselves each day with that which God sets before us. Thank you for this review as I will surely be adding this one to my list to read.

    • Sarah

      Yes, I would recommend it for you, Joanne! Blessings to you today!

  • I found this book to be such a blessing, and I think the reason it was so helpful is that Alli was so transparent in her writing and sharing examples of her own life struggles. Thanks for this review!

    • Sarah

      I agree, her transparency made a big difference in this book. It also inspires me to be transparent. Thanks for your visit today, Michele!

  • Jennifer Janet

    I used another email address and voted again 🙂 And, I believe I have already subscribed because I receive you emails. I’ll sign up again just to be sure. This book sounds absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate your double vote VERY much! And yes, I think you’re subscribed. Two entries for you ma’am!

  • I read this book and loved it! That last chapter on Worth was gold!

    • Sarah

      Totally agree with you, Rebecca! Thanks for your visit today.

  • I read this book a little while ago, but I need a refresher so I’m glad to see you mention it here, Sarah. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite tips. We all need reminders to break away from our busyness.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Lisa! It’s a great book!