Festive Friday #3

Festive Fridays are for counting blessings, recapping posts, announcing giveaways, and sharing special treats with you.

Special Treat

This week I’m linking up for the very first time on Five Minute Friday.  I set a timer for five minutes, and here’s what I’ve written on the prompt “Control.”



When I have zero control

in an impending ice storm

with my loved one’s addiction

in my children’s future choices

over my body’s aging process

over the secret countdown clock toward death

my worry rises

like an invisible flood

seeping into every aspect

of my daily living.

Only with you

will I rise above the waters

and sit quietly in your embrace

still like a small child

in the presence

of Transcendence Himself.


Recap of This Week’s Posts


On Monday I shared a fresh batch of book reviews.

On Tuesday I wrote about a time to search.

On Wednesday I recalled how my children and I made $1,000 by applying this verse.

On Thursday I shared a post about tearing and mending.

On Thursday I wrote a bonus post about having faith when finances falter.

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Which post from this week resonated most deeply with you?

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Counting Blessings

  • I wrote a guest post for Sylvia Ronnau on my recovery from perfection.  Read it here, and please comment on Sylvia’s blog!  So blessed by this opportunity!
  • A writing weekend awaits…hooray!  I’m working on my next book and my subscriber newsletter (sign up below!).  My readers voted on the title of this study on the fruits of the Spirit.  “A Fruitful Life: Addressing Common Sins and Growing in Faith” will debut March 5.  If you want to be part of the launch team for “A Fruitful Life,” please let me know!
  • I am currently in second place in the Fear Fighting Bloggers Contest.  If you will take 30 seconds and vote for me, I will be so grateful!  Vote 17 in the comments section on this link (click here)! One vote per email/IP address. Please comment if you voted for me.  I will have a special prize drawing for all my voters at the end of February.
  • My new book Newness of Life is priced at $1.99 through Sun. 1/22.  If you have downloaded the book, please post a review to Amazon and consider reviewing it on your blog, thanks!


Congratulations to Jennifer J.,

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Jennifer will receive a copy of  Jesus Today and a magnet set of these beauties:

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My new book Newness of Life will help you apply Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 so you can understand God’s plan in your current season.

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

No matter what season you are in, God is teaching you valuable lessons to grow your faith and trust in Him.  We will discover what God is saying through the different times and activities we traverse.

I look forward to hearing how God is working in your current life season.  I hope you will join in the fun and discussion on the online Bible study.

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18 thoughts on “Festive Friday #3

  1. Welcome Sarah! (From another Sarah) 🙂 You will love this FMF community! So glad to have you!
    Loved your words…..

    Only with you

    will I rise above the waters

    and sit quietly in your embrace

    Amen. I’m #32 this week. Glad to have you. 🙂

  2. Yowza you’re seriously cranking out the writing. How do you write so fast? I’ve been enjoying your Newness of Life book! Thanks for all the goods, Sarah! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Kelly…I get up every morning at 4 a.m. and write my blog posts Mon.-Fri. Weekends are reserved for book writing. I have gotten speedier by writing almost every day…I recommend it to all writers, esp. my fellow writers in the local guild I attend. Glad you are enjoying my new book…that blesses me tremendously!

  3. Your words sunk deep in my spirit. So often, I am NOT in control. I hate that season. The comfort is in knowing the contrast, “Only with you will I rise above the waters”. Yes, Lord! Thanks for the reminder this morning.

  4. Yes, amen. You are bringing back memories, of the time when God brought me to the end of my trying-to-fix-it rope. Overwhelm “like an invisible flood,” then crying out to God, recognizing my total powerlessness to control and fix, and then the “rise above the waters” (like Peter), and even higher, to walk above it all “in the presence of Trancendence Himself.’ Beautiful!

  5. Sarah, your poem is beautiful and so full of truth! I’m so glad you’re joining us for Five Minute Friday! It’s great to have you. 🙂 God does bring peace when we realize that He is the One in control and we can trust Him with our whole being. Blessings to you and thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Sarah, congratulations on joining the FMF crowd. 🙂 Your poem held so much truth. We truly do have control over so little in/about our lives. I’m so glad we can entrust all of the struggles and all of our loved ones to Jesus. We can rest in Him, knowing He’s working.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s so nice to meet you!

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