Faith When Finances Falter


April 15 is already staring me in the face, and its stare is menacing.  

My husband’s construction company had a banner year in 2016, but that translates into a much higher tax bill this April.  As in, four times what we normally pay.  Four times the amount I’ve saved up.  A crazy-big check equal to my entire income last year.

I don’t know how we will pay this bill.  But I am trusting God to provide, as He has so many times before when our finances faltered.

In 2011 my job contract expired.  I had worked as an event planner for nine years, and over those years, my working relationship had deteriorated.  Worn out from legal issues, hard feelings, and mistrust, I faced the transition with a measure of relief.

Yet my relief was quickly overshadowed by our loss of income.  My earnings covered our periodic expenses and extras like auto insurance, taxes, Christmas presents, and travel.  How we’d make up for it, I didn’t know.

No matter how much I trimmed from the budget, no matter how many coupons I cut and 50% off sales I shopped, I always seemed to come up about $1,000 per month short.  Each month I transferred more and more out of our savings account.  Rainy day expenses didn’t stop–the van broke down, the washing machine was ruined in a power surge, and medical bills hit hard.

“God, where are you in this?” I cried out.  “Do you want me to be a stay-at-home mom, or should I look for a job?”  I looked in my three-year-old daughter’s eyes and couldn’t imagine leaving her in someone else’s care.  My previous job had allowed me to work from home, and I hadn’t missed a single moment of my children’s precious early years.

I interviewed for several jobs but none of them panned out.  I pushed down the panic when I looked at the dwindling balances in our bank accounts.  Desperate for answers, I prayed God would provide.

God reminded me then of Jeremiah 29:11.  God wants me to prosper, not simply for my own peace of mind, but so others will be blessed.  He wants to give me a future and a hope.  He isn’t working against me…he is not out to harm me.  He is on my side.

I recounted God’s faithfulness to us as two broke college students, living in a buddy’s basement, unable to pay the $150 rent for a few months until graduation.

I remembered God’s provision as my husband changed jobs and took lower pay to pursue his dream of self-employment.

I reviewed the past, counting the numerous times God orchestrated sales of spec houses at the perfect moment, right before our savings ran dry.

I put my faith in God to provide for us, to help us prosper, and He always delivered. 

God helped my husband build a thriving construction business in the middle of the Great Recession.  That really doesn’t make sense in such a hard-hit industry, but in God’s economy, nothing is impossible.

God allowed me to stay home with my daughter until I found a job in 2013, and then He provided the most loving babysitter I could have found until she started kindergarten.  Nothing was impossible for God then, and nothing is impossible now.


In our financial trials, God calls us to trust him for daily manna, even when we wish whole loaves of bread would fall from the sky.

My husband and I are both planners.  We like predictability, certainty, and clarity.  We are both fiercely independent.  Neither of us are “good” at blind faith.

Yet I believe in this early part of 2017, God is calling us to trust Him.  To place our faith in His plans for us.  To believe He is for us, not against us.  To take hope that He has a better future for us.


Today’s reflection questions:  

How has God been faithful to you in past financial trials?

How does this verse apply to your personal struggle today?

In what area is God calling you to greater faith?


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17 thoughts on “Faith When Finances Falter

  1. It seems like God always draws us more deeply into a life of faith by requiring that we exercise more faith 🙂 Such a basic thought and yet how often I forget this. Glad to be reminded this morning!

  2. I’m sorry for your challenge in this area. We face a situation this week…today even…in which we must trust God with our finances and what He has allowed for us. It’s hard but I know we’re learning to trust. I pray the same for you…and that God would amaze us with His provision!

    1. Amy, I plan to report how God will provide for us in this challenge, once April 15 rolls around. Stay tuned…

  3. Thanks for the reminder that God will provide no matter what the current economic conditions are. He wants us to rely on Him- and He never fails us! Happy to be your neighbor today at #livefreethursday

  4. Beautiful testimony, Sarah. It’s hard to trust with finances, especially when things don’t make sense, isn’t it? 20 years ago, I bid farewell to my corporate job to follow my husband for his call back into the military. We took a paycut nearly in half and literally had $10 extra each month, with very little in savings. But God called. And He provided. I look back now and think, look what the Lord has done! It’s amazing to see His hand. Your situation calls for celebration. I’ll be offering God praise today.

    1. Wow, I LOVE hearing your testimony! It gives me hope in my current situation. Blessings to you, Kristi!

  5. Saying a prayer for you today, friend. God is so faithful, but that doesn’t make financial challenges go away..does it? I can’t wait to hear how He honors your trust and provides for your needs.

    1. Thank you for praying, dear Sarah. I am certain God will provide, and I will report on it when it happens. 🙂

  6. Oh, Sarah. I’m right there with you. This was my husband’s first year of complete self-employment, and I feel so unprepared for the tax bill. I don’t really even know what to expect. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure we haven’t saved enough. We shall see. Praising God with you for the provision I know He’ll provide for us. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. ((hug))

  7. I have always found our finances fell in cycles of seasons and those hard days always seemed longer. But when I looked back, I saw that HE was always faithful and He was always there. I needed to read your words today Sarah. Thanks for sharing this dose of faith!

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