Embracing Change With Thanksgiving

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Embrace” for Five Minute Friday.


Change, my new and unfamiliar friend

wraps me in an embrace

these cool spring mornings.

Every time I see a new sunrise

I embrace a morning of change.

Nothing is new with you, Lord.

A thousand days are one to you.

But for me

change is constant as ocean waves

especially in this year of movement.

I weather these upcoming changes

with thankfulness and reflection.

Your constancy steadies me

as I prepare to take a leap.

Your faithfulness carries me through

this windy, wild season.

Your presence walks with me

as I navigate new places.

I thank you for new life.

I thank you for your perfect timing.

I thank you for staying by my side

when everything is shifting.

No motion is too strong for you.

No wind is too powerful.

When you called Peter out on the water

you had perfect dominion.

I am stepping out of the boat

placing my feet on the unstable surface

and reaching for the security

of your waiting embrace.



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Questions for reflection:

How is God calling you to step out of the boat and onto the water?

How does God’s character anchor you in times of change?


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  • Thank you for this beautiful encouragement, Sarah. I too feel as if I’m stepping out of the boat and onto the water right now. I’ve had some crazy big changes happen lately that shook my world up quite a bit. But you are so right, He steadies and carries us through all seasons. I need to remember this :).

    • Sarah

      Thank you Candace! I read your powerful post recently, about your family being put through a wood-chipper. I can relate, and I will remember you in prayer today!

  • Stephanie Thompson

    Beautiful Sarah! What a great paradox and reminder that nothing is new to God yet the unfamiliar elements are new to us. It’s already known to Him. But we are on the other side. Your images are stunning!

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words, Stephanie!

  • Thank you, Sarah, for this reflection on God’s aerial view of our lives — and of all time! Such a great truth to ponder.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Michele!

  • Gratitude–specifically, thankfulness as an activator of peace–has been on my mind a lot lately, so thank you, Sarah, for reinforcing that again this morning. I am in the thick of a season of many changes now, so I. Needed. This. Stopping by from Faith ‘n’ Friends!

    • Sarah

      Hi Elizabeth! Glad for your visit. I am catching up on reading blogs today, and I’ll be sure to visit yours!

  • Jerri Miller

    Change is a fact of life – yet I keep getting surprised by it! Thanks for the reminder to embrace the change. ~ Jerralea

    • Sarah

      Thanks for your visit, Jerralea!

  • I don’t always find it easy to embrace change but it definitely helps when we remember God’s faithfulness and that he is with us.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Lesley!

  • Change isn’t always comfortable or even wanted (I know I don’t always like it), but it comes. How much better to embrace it and grow from it.

    • Sarah

      Yes, I am learning to embrace change, after resisting it most of my life!

  • “change is constant as ocean waves” Yes. And the encouragement that follows is so affirming and comforting. Thank you for sharing your heart on #FridayFive, Sarah!

    • Sarah

      Always glad to share on your linkup, Kelly!

  • Beautifully written Sarah! Change is never easy but we can find peace and comfort in God’s faithfulness. Your poem expresses this so well…

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much!

  • Such a beautiful prayer/poem, Sarah – I just love it. “Your faithfulness carries me through/this windy, wild season”: this is a wonderful way to describe the disruption of change and God’s faithful presence through it. Thank you so much for writing; this blesses me.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Jeannie! Your kindness means so much to me!

  • I love the imagery you’ve offered in that while the world is swirling around us and ever-changing, God is firmly still. This gives me great comfort in the constant motion.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Andrea!

  • Sarah, poetry has always been an avenue of writing that immediately grabs me, and I identify with it so well. Your imagery here is wonderful, and there are always reasons to be thankful throughout change. I think this is an opportunity to really bless God with our faith.

    • Sarah

      Hi Crystal, my heart is with poetry too. Thank you for your kind comments. Glad to link up with you today and always!