Welcome!  I’m so thankful you stopped by today.  I am a Christian writer who helps women find peace in God’s Word.

If you’re like me, these statements sound familiar:

  • You are so busy you don’t know how to fit it in quiet time with God.
  • You are overwhelmed when you open the Bible, but you want to learn the Scriptures.
  • You need practical tips on relationships and personal growth.
  • You want Bible-based help you can trust.
  • You are searching for peace to counteract the constant stress you face.
  • You want to see growth in your faith life.

I understand how you feel!  I’m a wife and working mother of three children.  My days are filled to the brim with responsibilities and stressful situations.  The busier I get, the more I yearn to be spiritually calm.  Like you, I want to integrate God’s Word into my everyday life to gain peace and share it with others.

You CAN find time to apply God’s Word, every day, with the right tools.

I write devotionals meant to fit into your busy schedule.  My books are full of practical questions and tips to help you grow spiritually.  Each chapter is designed to take up no more than 10-15 minutes of your time.  My books feature personal stories and biblical lessons, intended to strengthen your faith and lead you to greater peace.

The Fruitful Life: A Unique Look at the Fruits of the Spirit

 Newness of Life: Trusting God in Times of Transition 

Christmas Peace for Busy Moms: 25 Days of Bible Study

What readers are saying:

When I read Sarah’s books, I feel as if I’m discussing God’s Word over coffee with a friend.
Rachel, wife and stay-at-home mom of two

The Fruitful Life will appeal to Christians grappling with real-life problems and challenges.
Jackie, wife and mother

Newness of Life enabled me to see I’m not alone and the only one experiencing difficult or trying times.
Jennifer, wife and working mom of two

Sarah’s suggestions in Christmas Peace for Busy Moms help restore peace and tranquility to your life.
Kristin, wife and working mom of three

Christmas Peace for Busy Moms could not have come at a better time. Not only do I feel more at peace with God and myself, but tensions at work and home have eased as well.
Erica, wife and working mom of one

If you feel like your dreams are delayed, or you’re not sure what to do now– you need to read Newness of Life.
Michelle Brown, Author of Energy Reset

Sarah gives us words of challenge and words of comfort in Newness of Life.
Laura Domino, Author of Heroine: Rising to the Challenge

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