Five Minute Friday: Purpose


Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt Purpose, for

I have heard our two-fold purpose as Christians is to glorify God and introduce others to him.

At this point in my life, I want to bear greater fruit for his glory.

I also want to share my fruit with others, so they can taste the sweet life of belief.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m glorifying God, if my heart is in the right place.  Whether it’s washing dishes, wiping away my children’s tears, or writing blog posts, I’m giving him glory.

Yet, I am the person given the five talents in Jesus’ parable of the talents.  I have not put all those talents to use for good reason…I have been raising my children.

By remaining in him this past year, I have learned that God wants me to use what I’ve learned and share it with others.  I shouldn’t keep all my fruit to myself anymore.

I want to go share my fruit in the market with others.  Others need to hear what life he’s given me by remaining in the vine.  Others need to be grafted into Jesus’ life-giving vine.  My job is to invite them in.

What are you doing today to bear fruit for his glory?  How are you drawing others to Jesus through your fruit?




My book The Fruitful Life will help you address nagging sins and bear more fruit this Lenten season.  I look forward to joining you on the blog and in the online Bible study to discuss this book.


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27 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Purpose

  1. Sometimes we overlook the purpose in the ordinary things. Glad you recognize the purpose in the simplest things. It’s so true.

  2. Sarah,
    Each day we can glorify God through His leading – answering calls of friends, smiling at others, playing with kids. Glad to be here again.
    Many blessings

  3. Sharing the fruit is a great way to express this, Sarah. I do think you’re glorifying God by raising your kids, too — that’s a pretty important “vineyard” in and of itself. But I think we can usually tell when the time has come to move into a different phase of life and growth and fruit-bearing, and it sounds like that’s just where you are now.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jeannie! Yes, I am in a different phase from when my children were younger. Now that they are tweens, I can bear more fruit for others, not just them!

  4. Beautiful post, Sarah! Thank you for sharing your heart! And congrats on the book release! Looks lovely!

  5. Your post is particularly relevant as I just led a discussion on the fact that God’s blessing is given to us to share with others (we have been reading David Platt’s book “Radical” in our small group). Psalm 67 bears witness to Israel’s plea to God to bless them so that other nations may be drawn to His Glory. Yet, our cultural influence of independence tends to affect the way we think about God’s blessings. There is a lot of use of “me” even in church language. Our first fruits, however meager they may seem to us, become multiplied when offered up to God. That includes wiping away tears and washing dishes.

  6. Share that fruit, Sarah! This is so challenging for me, especially to leave the results to God. Maybe I forget the pleasure He wants us to find in Him. His burden is so light. Here’s to heaps and heaps of sweet fruit to enjoy!

    1. Thanks Christina! You certainly bear lovely fruit on your blog. I always enjoy visiting there and learning something new each time. From your MO sister in the opposite corner of our state!

  7. God has given you lots of insight. I pray that you will reach so many hearts for Jesus and help others with the truths you have to share.
    Whatever I’m doing, I’m glorifying God, if my heart is in the right place. – I love this. It is a beautiful truth. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. God bless you.

  8. Oh yes to this: “Whatever I’m doing, I’m glorifying God, if my heart is in the right place.” Amen, Sarah, you have nailed it here. Bless you. 🙂

  9. Loved this – reminds me of Kathleen Norris’ “Quotidian Mysteries.” Whether we’re doing the mundane or the (seemingly) great, let our fruit reflect God. Thanks for this!

    1. ooh, I haven’t heard of that book before. Thanks for sharing…I will have to check it out!

  10. Great post! I have been studying the book of John lately and recently noticed that we are not commanded to bear fruit. Jesus just asks us to abide with Him and He will produce the fruit in us. That takes the pressure off and reminds me to focus on sticking tight with Jesus.

    1. Thank you friend! I’ve been steeping myself in the book of John, which I love for the deep look at Jesus’ conversations.

  11. Such good words, Sarah. I really like this: “Whatever I’m doing, I’m glorifying God, if my heart is in the right place.”

    We don’t have to be perfect in living out our purpose, but we need to do so with God-honoring intent and motivations. Great words here!

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