Guest Interview with Barb Bailey

On Wednesdays in my Meeting God in the Garden series, I will feature guest interviews with other Christian gardeners.  Today I want to introduce you to my friend and fellow gardener Barb Bailey.

Barb and I first met when I was an event coordinator for a local home and garden show, and she brought her wonderful goat milk soaps to the farmer’s market table. I am hooked on her soaps, especially the Kudzu Vine scented one! It lasts so long and is so good for my sensitive skin.

Barb has the sweetest spirit. She is just as creative as she is kind. Her photos on Facebook are simple and gorgeous. She collaborates with another local artist to make unique creations like children’s books under the name BarbAron.  I encourage you to check out her links below, but first, let’s get to the interview.

Q: Tell us about your own garden. What is your favorite kind of gardening (flower, vegetable, container, etc.) and why?

My favorite garden is vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I didn’t have time for my vegetable garden last year. Looks like I won’t this year again. I’ve been putting most of my time into my art and writing and making goat milk soaps. I may plant some herbs in my flower beds.

I liked my vegetable garden for the fresh produce and to can, freeze, or dehydrate food for me and my family during the winter months. Flowers are beautiful to look at and photograph and some smell nice. It’s fun to plant seeds and little plants, weed and water as necessary, and watch them grow and produce.

I did a lot of thinking when I worked in my garden. I enjoyed the peace in my garden.

Photos of Barb’s garden 

Q: What spiritual lessons has God taught you through gardening?

Patience and perseverance. Plants don’t grow and produce overnight. Don’t give up and try again if something in your garden doesn’t work.

You have to be on guard when caring for a garden. Certain bugs can ruin your vegetables in a short time if you don’t pay attention.

It’s the same in life. Be patient with yourself and others. Be aware of negative influences. Don’t give up when things get tough. Find a way to work through whatever your situation.

Q: In this year’s gardening season, what challenges do you face? How do they correlate with your faith?

Doesn’t look like I’ll be putting out a garden this year. So maybe “not enough time in the day” is my challenge. Too much I want and need to do; therefore, some things don’t get done. But whatever is going on in my life, I know God is in charge.


Thank you Barb for this interview!  Readers, please check out Barb’s links for her wonderful soaps and her artist collaboration page.  You can take a virtual tour of my garden in this post.

Questions for reflection:

Barb says she finds peace by being in a garden.  How do you find peace by being in nature?

How can you gain the fruit of patience by spending more time in a garden?

Join me tomorrow for a new post on seeking God’s beauty in a garden.

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