A Prayer for Peace in Extended Family

Need family peace this Christmas? This prayer can help.

Prince of Peace,

Only with your help

will this Christmas be different

in my extended family gatherings.

Teach me peacemaking

to replace my peace-stealing

this year.


Prince of Peace, I take comfort

knowing your family rejected

and misunderstood you,

not appreciating

the scope of your purpose.

I take comfort

knowing many came back to you

in the end.

I take comfort knowing

you did not chase after them

but you let them go

and didn’t look back.

You called everyone who followed you

your mother and brothers.

That includes me

so many years later.


This Christmas

may not be meant

for rebuilding

or reconciliation

in my family.

But you will fill me

with your perfect peace

which passes all understanding

so I may gift it

in the empty spaces

battle zones

and time-worn pathways.


Set a guard on my lips

and my heart, Lord.

Help me weigh my choices:

a few minutes of listening

a few hours of forgetting past hurts

a few days of overlooking wrongs

in exchange for peace.


Give me the gifts of self-control




and brotherly love

so they will overflow

onto those

who share my name

or share my genes.


Send your Spirit

to show me opening

windows and doors

to give me awareness

of peace-seeking

to grant me insight

into healing paths.


Prince of Peace, you are

my Star of David,

my guiding light through

past wounds and deep brokenness

and my northbound hope

toward peaceful days

to come.


This poem-prayer was based on a chapter in my book Christmas Peace for Busy Moms.  See the online Bible study entry for Peace in my Extended Family also.



Looking for more Christmas peace?  Check out my book, Christmas Peace for Busy Moms and visit this link to access the online Bible study.

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  • It’s so challenging to leave all the Christmases past behind and to come to each holiday year with a blank slate of forgiveness. Thanks for this reminder that we can do it, by faith, and the outcome will be joy and peace.

    • Sarah

      Yes, forgiveness can be difficult, but it is the best gift I can give myself and extended family members this year.

  • Beautiful, Sarah … I can flip on that peace-stealing switch so quickly … I love this prayer for focusing on peace … i want to be a peace-maker … not just this holiday … but every day.

    • Sarah

      A peacemaker every day, YES! If we can do it during Christmas challenges, we will be encouraged to move forward into peacemaking everyday!

  • Such beautiful encouragement that we can all relate to! I love that you pointed out that peace does not necessarily mean fixing everything and reconciling. Sometimes peace means letting go and walking away. Sometimes peace means quieting our mouths. (not easy for me!) Thank you for the reminder. Glad to visit from #tuestalk

    • Sarah

      I have several relationships that are not in reconciliation stage (because it requires two willing, repentant parties), but my heart is still open to that in the future. Despite the circumstances I want to be a peacemaker, not a peace-stealer, in the here-and-now.

  • Liz

    Blessed by the peace makers! Beautiful prayer, Sarah! Wishing you a Blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Liz–May God’s peace be yours at Christmas!

  • A beautiful prayer, Sarah. I know the Prince of Peace will answer your heartfelt desires.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Rachel!

  • “Teach me peacemaking to replace my peace-stealing this year.” Such a powerful post…I am sharing it on my facebook page! Thank you for the reminder and Merry Christmas! (your neighbor at FMF)

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings to you!

  • Susan

    OH I COULDN’T LOVE THIS MORE: My Northbound Hope! #hopechangeseverything. Sarah, we’re neighbors at FMF today. More so, we are SISTERS in Christ. xo

  • I so need this peace and this reminder. I am letting the sadness of separation full the joy of the season. I need to find my peace.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Prayers for you…I have suffered through a season of separation too, but not at Christmastime. Thank you for sharing this…blessings to you!

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Sarah, my prayers are with you. I have neither family nor extended family, but the challenge implicit in your words brings warm sympathy to my heart.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    • Sarah Geringer

      Thank you!