A Fresh Batch of Book Reviews #4

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Heroine by Laura Domino

My friend Laura wrote this fantastic book for any Christian woman who wants to be brave.  This book is a short and powerful read, perfect for a busy woman’s schedule.  Each day will take only five to ten minutes to get through.  That’s one reason this book is such a great pick.

Laura chooses 25 attributes for aspiring heroines to work on, then offers practical how-to tips.  For example, in Day Eight, she encourages you to “Be Interesting” by striking up waiting-room conversation.  This is something I typically don’t do, and as an introvert, it truly requires some courage.  Yet, who knows if my conversation might be the bright spot in someone else’s lonely day?

One aspect I truly love about Laura’s book is in her daily Power Tips.  She shares a scripture or two to illustrate each day’s theme, and then introduces a “Bonus Effect:” you can pair the current day’s theme with another day’s theme.  I found these pairings creative and inspirational.  Another bonus:  Laura offers a free Heroine mini-guide to her readers when they sign up to receive updates.

Laura’s book is my favorite pick from all the self-published books I’ve read in the past six months!  And this week, you can buy it at a very good bargain price.  Download it today!

Talk Yourself Happy by Kristi Watts

Though Kristi Watts is well-known as a former co-host of the 700 Club show, I never watch that show, so she’s a new author to me.  I am impressed with her honesty, vulnerability, warmth, and Bible knowledge.  It’s an ideal book for someone like me who has struggled with negative self-talk and outlooks for most of my life.

Kristi writes through many memories and struggles with her divorce, single-parenting, and job loss.  She talks openly about her doubts and fears and how God carried her through her trials.  This book has a sound biblical foundation, which I deeply appreciate.  Kristi shows how the Bible has transformed her thinking and her character.

In her chapter “Compassion,” I was moved by her story of helping her abusive ex-husband when he had serious health problems.  God taught her that talking herself happy is not only for her own benefit, but for the benefit of others. This story illustrates that truth so powerfully.

I recommend this book for its friendly tone, humor, openness, encouragement, and practical tips.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Katharine and Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha

Last week I wrote a bit on this book, and now that I’m finished reading, I want to give it more coverage because it launches this week.  This is a highly recommended read on this year which marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

As a longtime Lutheran, I became familiar with many elements of Martin Luther’s story when I was a schoolgirl.  Yet this book paints a fuller picture based on the marriage between Martin and Katharina, and as a woman I particularly appreciate this vantage point.  I learned so many new things and found even greater respect for these two courageous saints.

Several points fascinated me:

  • Katharina had to risk everything to escape from a convent.  She had no family waiting for her, and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to take her in.  This choice was truly brave in that time period, when women’s roles were far diminished compared to now.
  • The author describes childbirth, housekeeping, and cooking in ways which made me stop and literally pray out loud, “Thank you, Lord, that I was born in the 20th century with all its conveniences.”  I have heard many stories of the not-so-good-old-days from my great-grandmother, but those were nothing compared to what Katharina had to endure in the sixteenth century.
  • Their marriage was not based on romance or attraction, but on necessity.  Luther agreed to marry Katharina to provide for her, since she found no one else agreeable and he was running out of prospects.  I cannot imagine the mixture of wild emotions she must have felt as a newlywed: relief, humiliation (in those days, a man was appointed to witness the consummation!), enormous transition from her cloistered life, and probably hope and renewed faith.
  • Luther’s letters show that in time he developed a deep appreciation and affection for Katharina, which I found to be happy news in all the trials they faced.  Two of their children died before adulthood, and also they faced severe criticism and financial challenges.  They relied on each other for love, strength, prayers, and comfort, which I believe is God’s ideal design for marriages.
  • We can thank Martin Luther for many Western practices, especially marriage ceremonies.  I was fascinated by the tales of how people in the sixteenth century were equally, if not more so, confused about how marriage works than we are in our culture, in my opinion!

I loved how this historical account brought the sixteenth century to life in front of my eyes.  The author writes with warmth, compassion, and real descriptions.  Neither Katharina nor Martin are drawn as perfect people.  I enjoyed the well-rounded view of them in their imperfections, because it makes their courageous faith all the more inspiring for an imperfect 21st century woman like me.

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