When Storms Rattle Your Faith

A huge storm system hit my area last night, claiming the lives of two people.

I was up late, watching some results of a contest I entered.

As I watched the Facebook photos roll in of scary-big hail and overturned vehicles, I turned to Psalm 18, the psalm which carried me through so many hard times in the past.

In a storm, you seek shelter.  You seek security, protection, and hope.

God will provide for you in every storm you face, whether it’s an actual tornado or an emotional wreck.  

I read the first verses of Psalm 18 aloud, crafting them into a prayer for my friends and family members just to the north of here.  All those people pelted by three-inch hailstones.  All those huddled in their basements (thank God for basements!).  All those people worried sick about loved ones.

I clung to Psalm 18 again at 4:00 a.m., when the sound of high winds whipped me awake.  My husband and I jumped out of bed, gathered up the kiddos, and rushed to the basement.  We listened intently for that signature train sound that precedes a tornado.  As my heart beat faster, I closed my eyes and prayed, “Lord, protect us.  You are our protection.  You are our safe place.”

The train sound never came.  The 70 mile-per-hour winds finally died down.  It’s still dark at 6:08 a.m. as I write this.  Daylight will reveal fallen limbs and tossed debris.

The daylight will also reveal God’s faithfulness.  In almost 13 years of living in the woods, not once has a tree fallen on our home.  Tree branches crashed around us in the 2008 ice storms, but not a one touched our home.  A large tree toppled in our garden a few years ago, but never hit our house.  God is faithful.  He will continue to be faithful, even if a tree hits our home in the future.  Even if a tornado strikes my little corner of Missouri, I will trust in God’s protection, provision, and shelter.

I will pray for those in the line of this storm system.  Will you join me in praying Psalm 18 for those people today?

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  • What a wonderful post, Sarah! Storms are just starting up down here so I appreciate your prayers! I am thankful for God’s protection of your family and community and praying for those who lost loved ones or homes. Thank you for joining us at Encouraging Word Wednesday this week!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Charlie! I hope you were safe in the storms. We are recovering here in hard-hit areas. The community is drawing together in support. Blessed to live among so many Christians here!

  • What a scary storm, what a powerful Word to overcome the fear! God’s word is our shelter. Such a great real life example of how to put Scripture to work! Thankful your safe. Praying God continues to anoint you as you write.
    ~Sherry Stahl

    • Sarah

      Hi Sherry, thank you for your sweet prayer. Blessings to you!

  • I love this “The daylight will also reveal God’s faithfulness.” When I was about 2 yrs old, we hid in our bathroom waiting out a storm that was very likely a tornado. We had many trees surrounding out house. The next day, after the storm, so many trees were down. The closest ones were laying all around the house. You couldn’t even get to the house without climbing over a few trees. But no damage had come to the house. During a bad ice storm several years ago, a tree feel missing our house by inches. In fact, one branch scraped down the brick and a window but it did not break the glass or penetrate the house. The fall shook our house so much than a light cover on the ceiling fell on my sister (but didn’t hurt her). The tree landed on and destroyed a windbreaker my grandfather had made with my father decades ago but still, there was no damage to the house itself. Daylight does reveal God’s faithfulness both literally and figuratively. 😀

    • Sarah

      Yes, indeed! We live in the woods. For the past 13 years, many storms have toppled trees, but not a one has fallen on our home. So blessed that God heard my prayers for protection and answered “yes” during those storms!