Visiting God’s Garden

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Visit” for Five Minute Friday (new link begins June 1).

For the past six weeks I’ve visited with God in a garden. We spent hours together in the garden he planted in my heart.

I noticed the beauty all around. The colors, shapes, and movement which made my garden marvelous. The way God crafted everything to point to his glory. My eyes were opened to new ways my heart is beautiful to him.

God showed me the weeds growing in certain areas. They were taking up space needed for healthy growth. I learned that weeds are easier to pull up after rain softens the soil, the good soil he has taken time to cultivate.

With God’s help I planted new seeds. Seeds of hope and trust.  Seeds that brought newness of life.  I watered them, and God made them grow.  As the plants grew, I learned how I must depend on others to pollinate the flowers, so I can be more fruitful for God.

Some of the plants needed pruning for greater growth. I watched how God pruned back the branches and made them more fruitful.

Then God gave me glimpses of the harvest yet to come. This glimpse brought me great joy which propels me forward.

Questions for reflection:

How does a visit with God bring you greater peace?

What is God planting in your heart’s garden today?

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23 thoughts on “Visiting God’s Garden

  1. Sarah, your visits to God’s garden were a blessing. Gardening is hard work for sure but well worth it when we see the results. Both in our yards and in our hearts 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We aren’t gardeners in our house. We’ve tried, but any plant given to us is risking their lives. Most have a chance on our patio where nature cares for them better than we do. BUT, I get the metaphor of gardening and appreciate the spiritual meanings. Simple enough for this simple mind. The seeds you’ve sewn have been watered by God’s grace and will return a harvest for Him.

    1. Hi Debby, I’m glad this spoke to you even though you’re not much of a gardener. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Yes, Sarah, Amen! Love the analogy of beauty in the garden and spending time with God there. And while pruning is not fun at the moment, the greater harvest is coming. Beautiful post. Thanks!

  4. Sarah,
    I am on a 30 minute trek through the FMF posts. So glad to have found you again. Lovely post. I am going out to plant 2 sunflowers and tomato plants after I put on bug spray. The black flies have made a wreck of my neck. And I have pots to plant too. And pull weeds because the garden is certainly wet. We have had rain and more rain. No sun for a long time. Waiting. I tweeted your posts too.

    1. Hello Janis! I so appreciate your shares. Your book to review is in my inbox. Thanks for sending it to me. I plan to review it in a batch of children’s books this summer. Blessings to you, and happy gardening!

    1. Hi Shana. Thanks for visiting! I’m checking out the #fmf posts today, and I’ll be sure to visit yours!

  5. I love all of these gardening metaphors! I’m sure your next series will be wonderful!

    1. Thanks Amy! Looking forward to seeing you in the next series, and reading YOUR blog posts too!

  6. Sarah, Fabulous imagery of the garden in your heart. When I get more time, I am going to read through your series. Looking forward to your next one too! I’m #2 at FMF linkup.

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I’m catching up on the FMF reads today. I’ll check yours out!

  7. This metaphor is delightful, because it reminds me of how our Lord delights in planting and nourishing and nurturing the plants in His garden. The garden is such a beautiful reminder of how the Lord prunes us, waters us, and helps us to grow closer to Him and draw nearer to Him. <3

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