Teachers Plant Seeds

IMG_2603Did you ever receive a word of encouragement that shaped your future?  As a child, I received words of encouragement from my teachers that helped shape my future as a writer.

I was required to keep a journal for my seventh grade English class.  We were given an assignment to write about our upcoming holiday plans.  I wrote that most kids were probably looking forward to sleeping in, playing games, and opening presents on our break.  But I was looking forward to the feast of delicious food.  I described the upcoming savory suppers and special sweets in great detail.

I wasn’t trying to write an outstanding essay—I was simply fulfilling the assignment.  When we returned from break and received our composition books back from the teacher, I felt a jolt of pleasure as I read my teacher’s handwritten comment: “Your writing is fun to read.” 

For the first time, I thought maybe I was good at writing if other people enjoyed reading it.  I caught the writing bug as a seventh-grader and it has never left me.

Teachers possess a special power to affect students with their words.  My seventh-grade English teacher probably didn’t realize how much impact her positive comment made on me.  But her simple encouragement planted a seed of my dream to write.

Two of my high school English teachers continue to water my dream seeds with their words of encouragement.  I graduated over 20 years ago, yet when I see these two teachers who share the name Chris, they continue to bless me with encouraging words.

One Chris keeps telling me every time we see each other, “You should teach.”  I remember when I was a junior or senior, she wrote on one of my assignments, “You should teach this class.”  She was so generous—saying the 16-year-old me was so good at writing I could take her place as teacher!   Perhaps my writing will enable a teaching/speaking ministry to develop.

I remember bumping into the other Chris at the grocery store a few years ago, on a not-so-good day.  I felt overwhelmed by squeezed finances, energy drains, and shelved dreams.  She encouraged me, affirming the difficulties in this stage of life, and shared a memory that eased my feelings of isolation.  Then she asked about my writing.  She said of all the students she ever taught, I am the only one who has what it takes to be successful as a writer.  In my day of discouragement, her words were life-giving water to my dormant seeds.

Proverbs 16:24 says, “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”  My teachers’ words were definitely ones that fit these descriptions.  As a writer and perhaps a future teacher or speaker, I want my words to have such pleasant healing power for my listeners.  I hope you, dear reader, have found such blessings in the words I have written on my blog.

Your feedback words also have great power.  Your comments are always welcome here on my blog, or on my Facebook author page, or via email.  Thank you for reading today!


Blessings to you, Sarah

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  1. I am going to share this with my English teacher candidates, so you are teaching them about the power of praise!

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