Portrait of a Desperate Woman

Another desperate day dawned. This was one of her “bad” days, a day she would have normally spent in bed, reserving her strength. But she had heard that a Healer was coming through her town. She gathered her resolve while she redressed her bloody wound. Maybe today he would heal her, as he had healed Read More…

Why Forgiveness Is Essential

Forgiveness has been a long, necessary task, and it’s been essential in my healing as a child of divorce. Most of my posts talk about the hurt I’ve endured and the healing I’ve experienced, but not much about forgiveness.  The act of forgiveness has been an integral part of my healing process.

5 Ways To Stay Out Of Self-Destruct Mode

I was gripped by a strange fascination when I first learned about self-destruction.  As a junior high confirmation student, I studied Martin Luther’s life and learned that before his spiritual transformation, he whipped himself on the back as payment for his sins.