Quotes from The Fruitful Life

Yesterday I finished writing my new Bible study for Lent. It’s called The Fruitful Life: Addressing Common Sins and Growing in Faith, available for pre-order on Amazon soon!  This book is a study on the fruits of the spirit and their common opposites.  Those nagging sins like impatience, anxiety, and indulgence which seem to hang around no matter what I do to prevent them.  I’m writing each chapter with a personal story, then a look at God’s way, Jesus’ example, and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.  I know I can’t get past my nagging sins without God’s help.  I’m writing this book to help you and me uncover hidden sins and grow closer to God.

Here is a sneak peek of quotes from each chapter:

Chapter 1: Apathetic/Loving

I want to have an engaged heart rather than a disconnected heart, open to giving and receiving love the way God does.

God doesn’t close his heart off from you or me, even after we’ve wounded him time and time again.

Chapter 2: Irritated/Joyful

Irritation springs from a negative outlook.  Joy springs from a life of faith.

If we draw our sustenance from God’s Word, we will have deep reservoirs of joy to sustain us through every season.

Chapter 3: Anxious/Peaceful

I am practically guaranteed to get caught up in anxiety’s web unless I am spending time every day cultivating my relationship with God.

If goldfinches can find food without worry, and dandelions can bloom without fear, I can lay my worry aside and trust God to grant me peace.

Chapter 4: Impatient/Patient

I have fallen prey to this fast-paced, on-demand culture we inhabit.  I want it now, please.  Right.  Now.

It’s better for me to be a calm, nurturing mom who doesn’t vacuum every day than a power-mongering parent with pristine floors.

Chapter 5: Selfish/Kind

Kindness is being AWARE of my loved ones’ needs and treating them the way I’d like to be treated.

Who knows if the cup of water I offer may be the conduit of salvation in one person’s story?

Chapter 6: Worldly/Good

I have a whole closet of stuff I haven’t even used yet, because I worshiped the idol called Deal.

Once you taste goodness, worldliness loses its strong appeal.

Chapter 7: Harsh/Gentle

Honesty delivered gently is refreshing and winsome.  Honesty delivered harshly is painful and offensive.

I want to be gentle with harsh people.  They are coming from hurt places, just as I was.

Chapter 8: Scattered/Faithful

It’s easy to drop healthy commitments when I feel scattered.   Especially exercise, eating right, family devotions, and keeping up with friends.  All the things most beneficial to my well-being tend to go first.

When I listen to God’s voice and take time to recount his faithfulness to me, I don’t feel scattered anymore.  I feel his peace.

Chapter 9: Indulgent/Self-Controlled

If I allow the Holy Spirit to fully take charge of the branch in my heart that bears the fruit of self-control, all the other branches will benefit.

If my priorities are in line with God’s Word, and I’m following him closely every day, self-control is easier to choose when I feel tempted to indulge.


Which quote is most interesting to you?  I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

I’ll be illustrating these quotes with hand-drawn pictures on my blog and in my online Bible study.  Can’t wait to share my art and writing with you!

I hope you’ll join me for The Fruitful Life, when it goes on sale March 5, 2017 and also in the online Bible study March 6 – 31, 2017.

I’m creating two free resources to go along with the book for those who signup below (under 5 Days to Greater Peace).  You’ll receive access to the Fruitful Life Prayer Calendar and Study Guide once the book goes on sale. You can also join my Facebook online Bible study group to interact with other readers March 6 – 31, 2017.

Please comment below and let me know if you plan to join me for The Fruitful Life!

Please vote 17 on this link: Click HERE! so I can make my publishing dream come true. God set me free from my fear of abandonment, and I want the world to know!

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  • Leslie

    Sarah, I’m joining you for the Fruitful Life Bible Study. Just sent a request to join the FB group. Sounds like so many beneficial things I need to keep working on in my life!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Leslie! I will check your site out too 🙂

  • Kristi Woods

    Below is my favorite simply because it reinforces “following Him daily” – the place He’s taking me this year.
    “If I allow the Holy Spirit to fully take charge of the branch in my heart that bears the fruit of self-control, all the other branches will benefit.”
    #Amen and best wishes on your study!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Kristi! Blessings to you, friend!

  • Love these! So much truth and encouragement here 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks Nicole!

  • Sounds like a great book! All these will bless us richly. Thank you for your faithfulness. Blessings upon blessings!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Mari-Anna! Looking forward to visiting your site in a moment!

  • You always have a way of making me think deeper thoughts and search my heart more fully. Well done on the writing and the artwork and all of it! This seems like it will be a great resource leading up to Easter. ~Andrea, your #FridayFive neighbor

    • Sarah

      Thank you Andrea! Can’t wait to visit your blog this morning. I catch up on blog reading on Saturdays 🙂

  • What great nuggets! I look forward to digging into this resource. It seems like the perfect way to prepare my heart during Lent. Thank you for joining the #FridayFIve this week!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Kelly! Blessings to you!

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