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Are you planning to join the online Bible study for Christmas Peace for Busy Moms?  It will be held here on the blog Nov.1 – Dec. 2.

This is how it works:  Buy the book for just $0.99 for a limited time.  Then visit the blog and join in a community of other readers to share ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.  Every person who comments each week will be entered to win a prize on Fridays.  Here’s an outline of the first week:

  • Tues., Nov. 1  Days 1 & 2 in the book, online discussion
  • Wed., Nov. 2  Day 3 in the book, video teaching and discussion
  • Thurs., Nov. 3 Days 4 & 5 in the book, online discussion
  • Fri., Nov. 4  Peace success stories, recipe exchange, and giveaway announcement

Mondays will be recap and catch-up days, with links to books I review which I think you’ll enjoy.

Any questions?  Comment below or visit my Contact page and send me a message.

Here are three more reviews of Christmas Peace for Busy Moms.  Thank you Laura, Kristin, and Tara!


Through Christmas Peace for Busy Moms, Sarah Geringer addresses many anxieties and stresses that I often experience during the holidays. I think my favorite chapter is “Week 2: Peace in my Day,” where Sarah suggests ways to develop peaceful habits from morning until night, which will be helpful during any time of year. In addition to pointing out Bible passages that lead to peace, Sarah gives practical and creative suggestions in each chapter that will promote a more organized and less stressful Christmas season. Christmas Peace for Busy Moms is a wonderful tool for individual or group studies. The questions and Bible passages at the end of each day’s reading will lead to insightful self-reflection or group discussions. This is a book you’ll want to add to your list of must-reads this year as you prepare for the busy holiday season. I am looking forward to putting several of Sarah’s ideas into practice in my own life so that I can enjoy a more peaceful Christmas with my family and friends.

Laura C., Missouri


After the initial bliss of welcoming our third born child to our family, the reality of a whole new normal began to settle around us, but it looked a little different than I thought… so much more chaotic, overwhelming and often stressful.  Over the months that followed as I have battled guilt and and frustration over nursing difficulties, exhaustion, constantly feeling very overwhelmed at work and at home … and THEN guilt for all of those struggles in balancing life as a wife, full-time working Mommy of three.  Oh and thrown in there, the nagging guilt that I should also (but haven’t been able to) be finding time to be renewed and nourished in my faith so that I can be a better Christ follower, wife, mom, and worker… so many days I come to the end feeling so much anxiety knowing it will all start again in the morning.  Sarah’s book Christmas Peace for Busy Moms came at the perfect time.  It helped me realize how weary and thirsty and in need of peace I am.   Sarah’s honesty of her own journey in finding peace and balance resonated deeply with me, not to mention how amazed I was to read so many shared struggles… Her insight and suggestions of daily (often little yet intentional) things that cumulatively can help restore peace and tranquility to your life are wonderful.  The Prince of Peace is waiting with it in abundance for all who seek it, and the perfect time to dive into His peaceful, loving presence is this Christmas season. (And in my still chaotic and often messy state, my dive has looked more like a belly flop).

Kristin S., Missouri


You really can find peace in the midst of anything! What a beautiful read and Bible study in Christmas Peace for Busy Moms. Through the scripture readings and personal stories, Sarah Geringer reminds us to slow down and appreciate everything the Christmas season has to offer. During a time when moms are over-extended and trying to be everything to everyone, it’s nice to be affirmed that we are everything through Jesus Christ. We may provide the peace for others. What a blessing! I looked forward to the time I could spend reading and studying the beautiful words Sarah wrote.


Tara W., Missouri

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