Prayer for Holy Week #2

This is the third prayer in a series of Easter prayers, featuring photos from my friend’s recent trip to the Holy Land.  Today’s photo is from the Dead Sea, not too far from the town of Bethany, where Jesus was anointed on the Tuesday of Holy Week.


When she approached the table

with her beautiful vase,

you did not condemn her.

You looked at her with love

and affirmation

in a culture that devalued women.

Everyone heard the jar break.

Everyone turned to watch

as she anointed you with pure nard.

Everyone knew that scent.

It reminded them of every funeral

they had witnessed before.

Some complained at her extravagance.

Some rebuked her and tried

to cast her out.

But you defended her.

You deemed her act beautiful.

You dismissed the squabble over money

and spoke of the eternal.

You honored her

for preparing your body for burial

for catching the glimpse of truth

others couldn’t see.

You promised her story would be told

throughout the world.

To this day, Jesus, we hear her story.

We see her offering.

We see her sacrifice.

We see her devotion for you.

This Holy Week

help me offer you my best.

Give me a willing heart

to offer you everything I have

to withhold nothing from you

to enjoy you every moment.

Give me eyes to see your truth.

Give me ears to hear your Word.

Fill my senses with your presence

like the perfume filled the room

permeating the disciples’ clothing

clinging to them all week

reminding them of your words.


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Questions for reflection:

Scent is a strong memory marker.  Which scent reminds you of God’s presence?  (For me, it’s the scent of an extinguished candle from the end of church services.)

What can you offer Jesus today out of your love for him?


Join me every day this week for more prayers in honor of Holy Week.

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13 thoughts on “Prayer for Holy Week #2

  1. I want to offer my Jesus the tithe of time, and not complain that I am busy with toddlers. Scent of frankincense definitely reminds of His Divine presence. I love that the woman here gave her most expensive to the Lord without worrying about the rolling eyes of the crowd.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Diana! Yes, I admire her expensive offering, not for its worth but for her bravery and sacrifice. Blessings to you!

  2. I’ve always loved this story of a brokenhearted woman at Jesus’ feet. She didn’t care what others thought of her as she worshipped and thanked the Lord. I love the way you’ve thought through and provided additional insight into that day and moment for us, Sarah. This is especially poignant given Jesus’ burial (and resurrection) are the focus for us this week. Very fitting post!

    1. Thank you Beth! Very glad my post fit right into this week’s theme. Blessings to you this Holy Week!

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