Prayer for Holy Week #1

This is the second prayer in a series of Easter prayers, featuring photos from my friend’s recent trip to the Holy Land.  Read the first prayer here.


On Monday morning of that most holy week

I imagine the Sunday hosannas still rang in your ears

as you met your Father for early morning prayer.

In the cool of pre-dawn

before the birds began singing

and all was still,

did you look up at the stars you created?

Did you for one moment remember

your kingly throne, so far away

from the dust between your toes?

Did you long to be restored to full glory

rather than face your cup of suffering?

I imagine your heart was torn.

These people, your followers, the ones

who ate multiplied loaves and fish

strew palm branches at your feet

and sang their praises on a sunny Sunday.

In your infinite wisdom

you must have sensed the coming turn of events:

the crowd reversal

the friend betrayals

the abject loneliness.

How did you face that week

without worry and fear,

such human expressions?

How did you agree to such a sacrifice?

I imagine that Monday morning

you prayed for your people

who you wished to gather under your wings

and your heart nearly broke with love.

Love for those who would spit in your face

and shout, “Crucify!”

Love for those who had shared three years with you

yet would deny they ever knew you.

Love even for sinners like me

thousands of years in the future

needing daily reminders for staying on track.

I can’t imagine that kind of love.

But I marvel at your strength

your resolve

your humility.

I marvel at your sacrifice, Jesus.

On this Monday morning of Holy Week

in the year 2017

I sit quietly in the pre-dawn darkness

and offer you praise

as I hear the birds begin their songs.


Questions for reflection:

As this Holy Week begins, what praise will you offer to Jesus?

What do you think Jesus prayed about during that week?


Join me every day this week for more prayers in honor of Holy Week.

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4 thoughts on “Prayer for Holy Week #1

  1. It may seem audacious to try and get into the mind of Christ, but how else can we begin to more fully appreciate His sacrifice. Thank you for a glimpse into what our Savior may have thought, and for your compassionate heart. Blessings from a friend at God-sized dream.

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