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Welcome to Day 21 of the Christmas Peace for Busy Moms online Bible study!  Today I have a special interview with Sandy Kreps, author and blogger at Modern Simplicity.  Sandy’s book Simple Christmas contains 101 ideas for simplifying Christmas, which results in greater peace during busy December. In fact, she wrote an entire chapter called “Holiday Planning” which lists 24 excellent tips for creating order in busy December.  I highly recommend her book, and I’m happy to introduce you to Sandy today!

Q & A with Sandy Kreps


By taking a moderate approach designed to cut over-consumption, live within your means, and make healthy lifestyle choices, Sandy Kreps helps people cut through the chaos of modern life and find a simpler path. She writes regularly on her blog, Modern Simplicity. She is the author of “Mommy Simplicity: Finding Calm in the Chaos,” “Simply Christmas” and “Fresh Start: 31 Days to Simplify, Declutter and Rein in the Chaos,” available on Amazon. You can also find Sandy on Twitter and Facebook.

Q:  How have you found peace in your faith journey?  Share part of your story with us.

SK: Over the years, I’ve struggled with perfectionism and wanting to be in control, and whenever I focus on those things, it seems like life falls apart. The harder I try to control my world, the less control I have. It’s stressful! But when I can step back and let God be in control, with faith that I’m following his commands, life is more enjoyable and less stressful. I have to consciously make time in my day to center myself and focus on living the way God intended so that I don’t fall into the trap of thinking I need to “do more” or “be more” like so many messages in society tell us we need to be. My goal is to keep my family and my faith as my main focus, and help other moms clear out the chaos from their lives so they can do the same.

Q:  Which daily rhythms bring you the most peace, and why?

SK: I like to start my day with reading a devotion and a chapter or two of Scripture. On the days I do that, it’s easier for me to flow through my day keeping God at the front of my mind, which makes daily stresses pale in comparison to the plan God has in store for my life and my family. It’s hard to be too stressed when your eyes are on the Lord. I try to continually look for ways to simplify my life so that I have more time and mental energy for what matters most.

Q: What tips from your book Simply Christmas will help moms order their days for more peace?

SK: I think the most important tip of Simply Christmas is the idea that less is more. If you remember to keep your faith and your family as the focus of the season, it becomes so much more meaningful and enjoyable. We don’t need a perfect Hallmark Christmas to have a peaceful, memorable holiday. I want families to remember that the season is about love and hospitality and fellowship, and that’s not something you can find in the mall or wrapped under the tree.

Q:  Do you have any Christmas-related posts?  Please share the links with us!

SK: I’m going to be running a series of Christmas posts in December on my website, In the meantime, here is a post I wrote about Prioritizing Holiday Traditions as well as a 6-week series round-up I did on Simplifying the Holidays.

Please visit Sandy’s site to find more ideas for organization and planning.

Questions for you:

What can you do today to plan for a more peaceful Christmas?

Which of Sandy’s suggestions will help you keep your mind steadfast and result in greater peace?


Our theme verse for this week:



Find the printable Bedside Reminder Card of this verse here.

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