Peace in My Marriage: Day 11 OBS

Welcome to the third week of the online Bible study for Christmas Peace for Busy Moms!  I have prayed over you and this study for months, and I’m so excited to meet with you here.

Our theme verse for this week:


Find the printable Bedside Reminder Card of this verse here.

Without a doubt you’ve already seen plenty of Christmas advertisements.  You know busy December is soon approaching along with mountains of stress.  If your mind is at peace before the season begins, you will have the strength, energy, and focus to move forward through the chaos.  That’s why I want to study peace with you here in November, before the full swing of the holiday season begins.  If we work to find peace now, we will be more prepared to share it with others who need it so desperately.  Let’s open the virtual pages of Christmas Peace for Busy Moms together and continue our search for peace.

Please refer to Day 7 of the book as we discuss Peace in my Marriage.


How often do you go out on dates with your husband?  Once per week, once per month, or once every few months?  In my marriage, we usually have one date per month, but since our relationship is what I would call “high-maintenance,” twice per month is really best.

I am looking forward to several December date nights, since our parents love to keep our children over Christmas break.  I’ve been looking for creative holiday date ideas, and I found several in the book $10 Great Dates.  Here are five ideas I’m trying:


  1. Gifts on a Budget. Go to a big box store together and spend only $5 per person.  I would love to try this at Kohl’s since they have great clearance deals.
  2. Just Desserts. Share a fancy dessert instead of a whole meal.  I still remember the decadent, grown-up banana split we shared at a St. Louis chocolate bar a few years ago.
  3. Breakfast. My husband and I are both morning people, so weeknight dates aren’t typically ideal.  This will be a cheaper-than-dinner date when we are both fresh.
  4. At-Home Spa. We hardly ever use our whirlpool tub…December is a great time to soak in warm, bubbly water.
  5. Solid Gold. Collect unused jewelry, turn it in for cash, and spend the money on a nice date.  I have a few single earrings and he has a damaged gold chain, which may transform into a lovely evening.

This book is filled with other ideas and conversation starters.  I’m using the ideas in this book as a tool to create peace in my marriage.  As you well know, nothing communicates love better than time spent together.  The more loved we feel, the more peaceful our attitudes are toward each other, even in busy December.

In this stressful season, the best action I can take for our marriage is to schedule a date night.  I encourage you to share in the comments how past December date nights have created more peace in your marriage.

Questions for you:

By scheduling a date night with your husband, how are you putting our week’s theme verse into action?

What other holiday date night ideas can you share?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or on my Facebook author page for your chance to win two giveaways!


Your comments this week enter you to win a copy of Tracie Miles’ book, Your Life Still Counts, which will help you develop peaceful habits.  The giveaway for this book will be held Friday, Nov. 18.

Comment on my blog through Dec. 1 and you will be entered to win the grand prize Mom’s Pampering Set, pictured below, to be announced Dec. 2!


This Friday we will share holiday side dish recipes.  Please pull out your favorite recipe and be ready to share with the group!

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