Peace in My Day: Day 7 OBS

Before we begin our study today, let’s pause and lift up a Peaceful Prayer for America on this important Election Day, based on this week’s theme verse.


Find the printable Bedside Reminder Card of this verse here.

Heavenly Father, we praise you for your perfect knowledge of our hearts and of this country.  You hold our country’s future in your hands.  We praise you that nothing surprises you; nothing happens outside your foreknowledge, and we can place our trust in your transcendence and sovereignty.

Jesus, no matter what happens today or in the days ahead for America, we pray you will turn our hearts to you.  We pray for a new spiritual awakening across our great country.  We ask that you will unite the plans and purposes of your church, that we may serve you and our fellow Americans with love and peace.

We pray for the Christians serving in government, that they will be empowered by your Holy Spirit to be effective witnesses to the elected officials who desperately need your truth and grace.  Bless our leaders, Lord.  Soften their hearts toward you.  Give them the desire to accept your message of salvation and follow you wholeheartedly.  Grant them your perfect wisdom in these difficult times.

Holy Spirit, we ask for revived hearts in this nation which grows darker by the day.  Empower us to serve as salt and light in our communities.  Give us your words so we may reach future generations with your hope, your truth, and your peace.

We turn this day over to you, Lord God Almighty.  We choose to put our full trust in you; therefore our minds will be steadfast and kept in perfect peace.

In Jesus’ name,


Please refer to Day 7 of the book as we discuss Peace at Mid-Morning.



See that little stack of sticky notes under the computer screen in the quote card?  I like to use them as bright reminders (neon colors are my preference) for high-priority actions in my planner.  To cut down on chaos, I use my day planner instead of little papers to make lists.  No matter what system you prefer, lists are crucial to creating peace in busy December.

I enjoy reading certain scriptures written in list-like fashion, because they show me God values order.  Here are a few examples:

  1. The creation account in Genesis 1 and 2 is a masterpiece of God’s design in perfect order.
  2. Leviticus 16 is an orderly directive for the Day of Atonement, when the sins of the people were removed. This day pointed toward the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior, the Prince of Peace.
  3. The book of Romans is a systematic unfolding of the heart of the gospel message, the gift of God’s grace.

I believe God gives us the gift of order to settle our hearts and minds into peaceful rhythms.  Our theme verse this week talks about having a steadfast mind, and lists can create steadfastness in our routines.

Since it’s November and the season of giving thanks, I am keeping a list to remind me to be thankful.  I downloaded my thankfulness list here from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s inspiring post.

In the book I talk about having several kinds of lists which help create Christmas peace.  Here’s a look at what’s on my list for this week:

  • Daily to-do list for blogging
  • Daily to-do list for household chores
  • Listing of evening activities and appointments
  • Websites to visit
  • Dinner ideas

Anything that doesn’t get crossed off the list moves to the next day’s list.  I like that the planning system I use has both a weekly view and a monthly view, so I can change my perspective based on my needs.

Referring to a list several times a day helps keep me on track.  I don’t function as peacefully without a list, as I described in the book.  If you have ideas for how lists create peace in your mornings, please share in the comments section.

Questions for you:

How can making lists during your mid-morning routine keep your mind steadfast, and therefore grant you more peace?

What list-making tools do you prefer?

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Your comments this week enter you to win a copy of Nicki Koziarz’ book, 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, which will help you develop peaceful habits.  The giveaway for this book will be held Friday, Nov. 11.

Comment on my blog through Dec. 1 and you will be entered to win the grand prize Mom’s Pampering Set, pictured below, to be announced Dec. 2!


This Friday we will share holiday appetizer recipes.  Please pull out your favorite recipe and be ready to share with the group!


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  • Well…I love lists, but I’m so bad about writing them down. I always think I’ll remember them, but you know how that turns out. Every January I vow to be a planner girl, but the planner turns out to be just one more thing that I have to remember to-do. Thanks goodness for my iPhone, it knows what I need to do even when I don’t. All seriousness, great encouragement here Sarah – to remember gratitude and be intentional. Glad to visit from #testimonytuesday.

    • Sarah

      Hi Tiffany! I know many people who use their phone as a planner. I say, whatever system works for you is great! For me, if I don’t physically write it down, it doesn’t happen.

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