Peace in my Day, Day 6 OBS

Welcome to the second week of the online Bible study for Christmas Peace for Busy Moms!  I have prayed over you and this study for months, and I’m so excited to meet with you here.

Our theme verse for this week:


Find the printable Bedside Reminder Card of this verse here.

Without a doubt you’ve already seen plenty of Christmas advertisements.  You know busy December is soon approaching along with mountains of stress.  If your mind is at peace before the season begins, you will have the strength, energy, and focus to move forward through the chaos.  That’s why I want to study peace with you here in November, before the full swing of the holiday season begins.  If we work to find peace now, we will be more prepared to share it with others who need it so desperately.  Let’s open the virtual pages of Christmas Peace for Busy Moms together and continue our search for peace.


Please refer to Day 6 of the book as we discuss Peace at First Light.


For the past month, I’ve been getting up around 4:00 a.m. to work on my blog before I get ready for my day job.  As soon as I wake, it’s very tempting to rush forward into my to-do list for the next two hours.

But Jesus quietly calls me to sit with him at my table and listen to his words in my One Year Bible before I begin my busy day.  I brew my tea and open up to the day’s reading, and I feel peace steal over me in those hushed early morning moments.

On the days I skip my ten minutes of first light Bible study, I feel off-kilter all day.  Restless, crabby, more easily irritated with others.  Rushed…tense…the opposite of peaceful.

Moving forward into busy December, I want to begin my days as peacefully as possible.  I want to sip slowly from God’s word, waking to his truths at first light, so I can move forward as the Prince of Peace’s ambassador in my community.

I challenge you to join me on this journey of first light communion with God.  If you prefer a smartphone app, try First 5 from Proverbs 31 ministries.  There you will find a daily devotion, an opportunity to record your thoughts, and a community of women sharing how God’s word is transforming their lives.  I use this app when I’m letting my body lotion absorb or when I have a still moment at my work desk.  Easy as pie!

Questions for you:

How can beginning your day with God keep your mind steadfast, and therefore grant you more peace?

What tools or resources will you use this week to spend first light with the Lord?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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