Our Wedding, November 2000

2000 november0001

The ceremony lasted eleven minutes.

D timed it proudly, and I shivered

while our photos were taken

by the wishing well.

We laughed at the Hard Rock Café

when the staff made us stand

on top of a bar table.

We held hands and tottered on the polished wood,

and after the bride and groom toast

everyone yelled “Suckers!”  We swayed

to Lauryn Hill’s version of our song

even after most of our guests had left.

He lifted me over the threshold

of our little cabin that night.

We pretended it was our new home

where we were safe for a little while

from mounting debt

from demanding schoolwork

from condemnation

from broken families

from sorrowful pasts.

We clung together,

hoping to find tools

for carving a new path.

In the morning

we woke to falling snow,

fresh against the evergreens.

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