Nothing Can Steal My Joy

Years ago, I faced a difficult work situation which regularly brought me to tears.  I tried hard to finish out my contract with strength and faith, but the trials often got to me.  I looked for ways to cope.

On the way to my weekly meetings, I popped in Mandisa’s True Beauty CD.  Hearing her up-tempo rendition of “Nothin’s Gonna Steal My Joy” always boosted my spirits.  In the song’s bridge, Mandisa’s powerful soprano soars to mountain heights.  Her mighty high note brought me right to the feet of God’s throne.  

At God’s feet I remembered His sovereignty, might, and power.  When I focused on God’s transcendence over my difficult situation, I found pockets of joy and thankfulness not available on the surface.  They came from deep reservoirs of faith and Bible study.

Joy comes from a life of obedience, as today’s verse states.  Walking closely with God and steeping myself daily in His Word leads me on the straight path of obedience, which I find delightful.

Those trying years are now past.  I’ve faced even more significant trials since, and I’m facing a few right now.  But I’ve learned the secret to coping with my trials: intently seeking joy every day.  Joy is independent of my circumstances.  It’s tied directly to who God is, and He never changes.  My joy is tied to the promises made for me in God’s word right now, and tied to the future He is storing up for me in heaven.

I find joy in the little things, like morning birdsong and blossoming spring branches.  I find joy in the larger things, like winning a recent writing contest and chasing my dreams.  In my walk with God, new reasons for joy pop up daily, like the bright daffodils opening each day in my woods.  Nothing can take that joy away from me, because it’s hidden in God’s presence.

I don’t know what kind of hard situation you’re facing today.  But I do know the Holy Spirit will grant you the fruit of joy if you draw close to Him.

Questions for you:

In which area do you need joy the most?

How can joy-seeking lift your spirits?


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10 thoughts on “Nothing Can Steal My Joy

  1. Music has a way of settling our souls like few things can, doesn’t it? The Word, prayer, and music are the three main things that speak into my life in ways that uncover lost joy and peace. — Sarah, is your book available in print form? (I know it’d be more than .99 if it is, just wondering since I’m not a good screen-reader.) Thank you for reminding us that joy isn’t tied to who He is. The area I probably need joy the most is with watching my children struggle. I want to help them in ways that only God can. And, oh the joy that’s found in remembering that He is able, and not only that, He delights in being there for them. Such a good God He is. — Thank you for sharing your heart with #ChasingCommunity, friend. ((xoxo))

    1. Hi Brenda, I will convert my books to print this summer when I have more time. I’ll let you know when they come out! Thank you so much for hosting the linkup each week. Blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful encouragement, Sarah. I love this …. “My joy is tied to the promises made for me in God’s word right now, and tied to the future He is storing up for me in heaven.” … your deep reservoirs of faith and joy.

  3. This week has been full of trials – mostly in mothering. My five year old has been testing every boundary! I love what you said about our trials being a backdrop for new joy. Visiting you from #freshmarketfriday

  4. Your post is very timely for me as I am suffering from a very painful unusual sciatica/muscle spasm type problem that is making it virtually impossible for me to sleep at night and to walk. I don’t even understand what is happening, but I know that God does.

    Thank you for the reminders of Who our joy is found in.


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