New, improved blog is on the way!

Photo by Sarah Geringer
Photo by Sarah Geringer

Hello readers…I am transferring my blog from a page to a self-hosted page, upon the excellent advice of Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins.  I’ve participated in Hyatt’s Get Published course and Goins’ Intentional Blog series.  These experts have taught me so much about blogging like a professional.  I highly recommend their books and websites.  If you have had any problems navigating my site in the past few days, I apologize, and they should be resolved very soon.

With my updated website I will be able to provide you exclusive content in a bi-monthly subscriber newsletter.  Your email address will always be kept safe, and I look forward to rewarding you with special content.  I am working on a preview today and I will post an example this week.

Blessings on your day, and thank you for reading!



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