My Lenten Sacrifice

Are you giving something up for Lent this year?

This is the very first year I will give up something for Lent.  I write about it in the chapter on Self-Control in my new book, The Fruitful Life.  Let’s just say it’s something very near and dear to my heart, in a place where God wants to have primary residence.

I’m not giving my Dear Thing up because I want to fit in with a group of other Lenten fast-ers.

I’m not giving my Dear Thing up for personal benefit (for example, give up smoking and get healthier).

I’m not giving my Dear Thing up to get a spiritual promotion in exchange.

I am giving up my Dear Thing because it’s become an idol.

In this season of contemplating the sins of mine that Jesus covered on the cross, the least I can do is give up this little Dear Thing.  This idol which has a higher place in my heart than Jesus, who died on my behalf.

It will be HARD!  I turn to this Dear Thing many, many times daily for pleasure, comfort, ease, and good feelings, even if they only last a moment.

But it will be GOOD for me to learn to turn to the Holy Spirit many, many times daily when I face temptation during this Lenten season.  When I miss my Dear Thing.  When I think using my Dear Thing is the only way to feel good again.  When the enemy whispers, “Surely God didn’t say this Dear Thing is all that bad for you.”

I’m afraid this Dear Thing has stood in the way of me bearing greater fruit for God’s kingdom.

If I keep relying on my Dear Thing instead of God, even in small ways, I wonder if he can’t trust me to bear more fruit.  So he gives the opportunity to someone who can, who has self-control in this area.

I’m willing to accept this challenge.  I’ll be writing about it over the next several weeks.  I hope you will join me on this Lenten journey of confession and repentance.

My book The Fruitful Life will help you address nagging sins and bear more fruit this Lenten season.  I look forward to joining you on the blog and in the online Bible study to discuss this book.

As promised, here is a sneak peek at my hand-drawn illustrations for quote cards and the prayer calendar I’m creating now, available to everyone who subscribes below!


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  • Sarah, this sounds like a great study. I know God will bless you richly as you share it.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Donna! I appreciate your visit and your linkup!

  • Angela Howard

    A great challenge to all of us: what are our idols? Thank you for posing the question as we approach Easter. Visiting from #RaRaLinkup

    • Sarah

      Thanks Angela! I appreciate your visit here!

  • Sarah, this sounds like such a good challenge. It is hard to give up our “go to”. It is in our sacrifice that our hearts will be changed and become more like Him. The cards are beautiful!
    And yes, we do share a blog title in common 🙂 I had to think of a title to fit “Three Word Wednesday”.

    • Sarah

      Blessings to you also! Thank you for your kind compliment 🙂

  • Meghan Weyerbacher

    Contemplation and prayer are so important. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us too!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Meghan! Your linkup is fun and I’m enjoying each week there!

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