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More reviews of Christmas Peace for Busy Moms from my friends Michelle, Becky, and Mel:


Christmas and peace. Two words that for most of us do not go together. In Christmas Peace for Busy Moms, Sarah provides insight into her struggles as well as practical ways that she uses to promote peace in her life, whether it is with her family or standing in line at the grocery store. I can tell a lot about an author by the dedication page, and hers reads, “For my family and for God’s glory.” This book shows the depth of her love for her Savior and her willingness to be led and changed by His Word. Come with us. Grab your Bible and maybe a blanket, and let’s spend some time together resting in His peace.

Michelle D., Missouri


This is a great study to do during the busy Christmas season to grow your relationship with the Lord. What busy mom doesn’t need the reminder that God wants us to live in peace and promote peace? The practical examples in the book remind us we all have challenges to our peace. The scriptures referenced with the questions at the end of each chapter gave me an opportunity to study God’s word and apply it to my life journey. A lot of the examples in the book applied personally to my life.

I carved out 15 minutes to read each chapter, study the verses, and answer the questions. Those 15 minutes stayed with me all day, as I thought of practical ways I could give and receive peace while giving glory to God. The season of motherhood is a joy, but we sometimes miss the peaceful aspect. The to-do lists, the must-do lists, the do-for-others lists, along with the mundane everyday things push into our valuable time with the Lord. This study helped me focus back on the Lord’s word every day.

Becky G., Ohio


Peace?! Who needs peace? I highly recommend Christmas Peace for Busy Moms. It is full of practical and encouraging tips and truths. The author’s concern for other moms, and her real and raw style were so refreshing. Get this e-book, invest 15 minutes a day, and watch how God can transform your Christmas experience!
Mel S., California