Mommy’s Wedding, 1990

1990 wedding photo0001

Purple is my favorite color

and I’m glad Mommy chose it

for our satin dresses today.

She let me wear lacy gloves

and a bird-of-paradise wrist corsage.

The church was lovely with fall flowers

and statues and candles

and afternoon light pouring through

colorful stained glass

which lit up the golden paint trim too.

Her friend P read the love chapter from Corinthians.

Pastor E. gave the blessing at the end.

We were royalty, walking down the aisle

behind the priest in his white robe

with the golden cross lifted high.

After the pictures on the shaded lawn

we drove to the packed reception hall.

The Kelso ladies cooked a wonderful dinner

of pork tenderloin, real mashed potatoes and gravy,

hot rolls, green beans, and corn.  After dinner

the four of us left for evening mass.

Mommy said, “It’s tradition.”

We watched her carefully for right times to kneel,

then some of her beads and sequins popped off

and bounced on the floor.

They left a sparkling trail of confetti.

When we returned to the hall

Daddy was waiting outside in his truck.

He just wanted to say hello, and I felt sorry for him,

because he seemed strangely sad

yet glad to see us in our dresses.

Inside I chatted with school friends, Grandpa and Grandma,

and Aunt N. and Uncle G.  They brought his boys along,

our favorite cousins close to our age,

and Aunt N. said, “Did you know we brought you

your very own dance partners

all the way from St. Louis tonight?”

All of us smiled, and the rest of the night

the four of us danced, both slow and fast.

While we spun under the chandeliers

I felt happy and pretty and light

and I saved those moments inside

like my own special treasure.

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