How I’m Fighting Fear in 2017


I was honored to serve on Kelly Balarie’s launch team for her new book, Fear Fighting.  It is on sale today!  Go to to purchase.

Kelly’s book is a powerful, rich, bold account of how God helped her fight fear and lessons you can take into your own battle against fear.

My 12 favorite parts of this book:

  • Definition of a fear fighter, page 16
  • Kelly uses a contemporary God-voice in scripture-based prayers.  So fresh and relevant!  Example on page 22.
  • Her story about seeing the world through Spirit-led tetrachromatic eyes, page 33
  • What she wants to tell the little girl inside about fighting fear, page 55
  • Five ways to fight the enemy, and ten things the enemy wants you to believe, page 71
  • Creating a prayer vase, page 85
  • What God does with your feelings, page 89
  • Hope vs. worry:  the stop, drop, and roll technique, page 101
  • How the Holy Spirit works in you, page 134
  • The Holy Spirit as a love dispenser, page 152
  • What God says about your past, page 157
  • Reprogramming and redirecting, page 161

This is how I will apply Kelly’s teaching to my fears in 2017:

  • Say sayonara to my fears about finances, since we face a big tax bill in April.  God will provide!
  • Bid adieu to fears about raising my first teenage child in a darkening culture, since God holds us all in his righteous right hand.
  • Kiss fear goodbye as I continue to self-publish Bible studies.  I don’t know if they will provide a decent income, and I don’t know if I will secure a contract with a major publisher this year.  God is faithful, and I’m trusting in His perfect timing.
  • I will create a prayer vase to record my prayers, and unfold them at the end of 2017 to be wowed by God’s steadfast commitment to me.
  • I will renew my relationship with the Holy Spirit, praying specifically that He will alleviate my fears.
  • I will offer up my past to my heavenly Father, allowing him to sift and search me for any unforgiveness and residual fears.
  • I will place my trust in him as I travel to writer’s conferences, not fearing what is to come but trusting God will open new doors of blessing!

I wrote much more about how Kelly’s book spoke to my fear of abandonment.  Visit this link to read my post.

Please vote 17 on the Fear Fighting Blogger Contest page so I can make my publishing dream come true.

In my new book, Newness of Life, I discuss how I faced fears and took hold of seasons of change.  Pre-order your copy today on Amazon.

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  • Sounds like a great book, Sarah. God will bless you as you trust in Him and face your fears this year. I can relate to many of your hopes for publishing. Blessings in all your writing!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Ginger! I am glad you stopped by, and I’m headed over to your site right now. Blessings to you as well!