He is Faithful

How faithful you have been, Lord,

in each of my seasons.

You set your word in my heart

and held my hand

when I was learning to walk.

You held me close

when my little girl heart was broken.

You rose with me

on those dark mornings

when I had to grow up too fast

and planted the beautiful dream of family

in my heart.

You walked beside me

in the lonely seasons

the mocked seasons

the sorrowful seasons.

Faithfully you watched over me.

Faithfully you kept me from harm

and from harming myself.

Faithfully you whispered your word

into my ears, reminding me

of your everlasting love.

When I rebelled

you did not reject me.

When I came crawling back

you accepted me.

When I sought healing

you never shamed me

but sutured my wounds

and smoothed on your salve.

In the valleys

you carried me.

On the mountaintops

you rejoiced with me.

In each season you stretched me

strengthened me

and shaped me

to be more like you.

Because you have been faithful to me

I want to be faithful to you.

I seek the regular rhythms

of worship, confession, repentance, praise.

I seek your presence in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening.

In these faithful rhythms

I find your love

your joy

and your peace.

Questions for reflection:

How has God faithfully walked with you through your seasons?

How can you praise him today for his faithfulness to you?


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22 thoughts on “He is Faithful

    1. Hi Lauren! You are such a sweetie. I will read your post on Saturday, my favorite day to catch up on reading blogs. Blessings to you!

  1. Hi Sarah,
    We’re neighbors at Coffee for your Heart today. I love all the images of fruit! Your words are so lovely as you describe God’s faithfulness to us –that’s unchangeable and steadying. Enjoyed this post today!

    1. Hi Valerie! Thanks for your kind words. I’m catching up on blog reading this Saturday, and I’ll pay you a visit!

  2. I am so grateful for the faithfulness of God to my family and I. “When I recount God’s faithfulness to me, I don’t feel scattered anymore, I feel his peace.” So very true!

  3. Such a beautiful poem, Sarah. ((hug)) He’s faithfully walked through the seasons of my life by always reminding me of His presence. In nature, in answered prayer, in His Word, in rest, in worship — His presence is a faithful constant in every season. Love Him. — Congrats for winning the drawing at my site this week! Can’t wait to send the verse cards your way! woohoo! Thanks for sharing, friend. ((xoxo))

  4. Beautiful sentiments in your poem. I often see God’s declaration of His desire to restore and renew us through the passing of winter to spring. Such it is with the winter and spring seasons of our lives. Just as we anticipate the new life that sprouts from the frozen ground, we need to anticipate the new life that God will birth in us just beyond the dark and cold winters of our souls. thanks!

  5. Sarah, This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I see God’s faithfulness in my own life when I see (often well after the fact) how carefully He has constructed each season and pathway. And how He pulls me back to the right place when I stray off. That re-direction is usually something hard and something I don’t understand at the time, but in His faithfulness He shows me at least parts of the bigger picture later on. I love that about Him.

  6. Oh, Sarah! This is beautiful! I think this might be might favorite bit: “Faithfully you kept me from harm
    and from harming myself.” I am so thankful for things God saved me from…that I don’t even know about! How faithful and good he is. I love reading your posts each week. Thank you for sharing them with us at Encouraging Word Wednesday!

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