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Two book reviews in this batch for you today: Ordering Your Private World and 100 Days with Jesus: A Daily Glimpse into the Person of Christ. Also, I share a link to sign up for a new free Bible study this fall from my blogging friend, Sarah Koontz!

Learn how to gain greater peace through an ordered schedule.

Ordering Your Private World

Ordering Your Private World is a contemporary Christian classic, one of the top 20 most transformative books I’ve ever read. This new version for 2017 is updated with even more pertinence for our fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Some of the personal gems I found in this book include the following:
  • Being driven is an enemy of peace.
  • Many high-functioning people, even within the church, are driven and successful, yet spiritually empty.
  • The called life is far superior to the driven life.
  • I can cultivate a private time with God in a garden of my soul, the way Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.
  • I must take not only my thoughts captive to Christ, but the way I use my time as well.
  • Jesus never hurried, never had a personal assistant, and never felt rushed. His hands were full but he always acted with peace. He clearly understood his mission and lived the ultimate life of calling.
  • Jesus used quiet times for preparation and for communion with his Father. His 30 years prior to public ministry, his 40 days in the wilderness, his night of prayer before choosing the disciples, and of course, Gethsemane. He bolstered his spiritual strength in these quiet times.
  • My unmanaged time flows toward “emergencies.” Too long I have been living a daily life of just putting out fires. I must focus more on God’s calling and purposes.
  • A long, slow, steady, consistent rhythm of work will produce more fruit for God’s kingdom than my rushed efforts.
  • Keys to cultivating a healthy inner garden: reading great books, listening to others, meditating on scriptures, studying the Bible, singing hymns of praise, praying regularly, making time for close friendships, and honoring the Sabbath with rest and worship.

Few books hold this much wisdom and this much practicality all in one place. The book also features a built-in study guide. I truly enjoyed the systematic unfolding of the theme, the personal stories told with humility and insight, and the dozens of ideas for personal application.

I cannot recommend this book more highly, and I am thankful to the BookLook Bloggers program for giving me an advance copy for review. Ordering Your Private World will change your life in the best of ways: it will help you create a private world of communion with God.

Dig deeper into the meaning of Jesus' names.

100 Days with Jesus: A Daily Glimpse into the Person of Christ

This book is a good tool for use as you cultivate your private world of communion with God. The author divides one hundred names of Jesus into brief, daily devotionals. I like that each day features a different image, usually of nature. The image sets a contemplative mood.

Each devotion features a verse with the name or title of Jesus in all caps for emphasis. Then a definition of the word is provided. The bulk of the devotion is a prayer with the name as a theme. The author gives a reflection question at the end.

This book is simple and straightforward. The prayers set a tone of worship and awe, and they can serve as springboards for your personal prayer time.

The only complaint I have is the excess of exclamation points, often more than one in a row. To me, they feel too casual for a book of devotions. However, some may feel that they add extra excitement.

If you are looking to grow in your understanding of who Jesus is, 100 Days with Jesus will help you study the many names He has, and the many ways He ministers to you.

My gratitude goes out to B & H Publishing Group, who provided me an advance copy of this book for review.

Sign up today for this free, convenient study of Ephesians.

My blogger friend Sarah Koontz has written a new online Bible study on the book of Ephesians. The study launches October 16, but you can sign up TODAY here.

Sarah is a talented writer and graphic artist, and you’ll enjoy her rich insights into God’s Word. She presents her study in brief, easy-to-digest portions and even offers free digital gifts along the way. Her writing is clear, concise, and powerful. I’ll post a more detailed review in October, but I don’t want you to miss the chance to sign up TODAY for this fall study opportunity!

I’ll see you next Tuesday with another big batch of book reviews, all with a parenting theme. I love hearing from you in the comments, friends!

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  • I remember reading Ordering Your Private World when it first came out and being very inspired by it. Glad that it’s getting a boost of renewed interest.

    • Sarah Geringer

      I can tell that you have an ordered private world, friend. This book helped me and you quite a lot! Thanks for stopping by today.

      • Allie55

        You two simply amaze me with your diverse productivity and spirit-filled writing. Just added private world to my book list, thanks to your recommendations. Blessings throughout your day.

  • Hi Sarah … Ordering Your Private World is such a classic! So glad to hear it’s been updated for the next generation. Superb!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Yes, it is much needed, and I appreciate that this gentleman in his late seventies was willing to do the revisions for the benefit of younger ones like me.

  • Liz

    Man… It really stinks when you recommend books making them sound like I *need* to read! My list is so long! I’ll be chewing on the idea of letting God take my time captive as well as my thoughts! Thanks and blessings!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Liz, I probably have 50 books on a literal to-read shelf, and the same amount in my Kindle. But the more I have, the happier I am. I can’t survive live in a world without books! I totally get you though, and I hope you can find some time to read a few on your list, friend!

  • Thanks for sharing Sarah! I’d never heard of this classic but it sounds very practical! The second I saw somewhere recently and wondered about….I have to admit too, there’s something about exclamation points in print that irks me. Online, not so much.

    • Sarah Geringer

      I’m a pretty serious gal, so I guess that’s why the extra exclamation points turn me off. But we all need each other in our differences, and I purposely make friends with extroverts and optimists to see the other side. 🙂

  • These both sound awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thank you for visiting, Sarah! Blessings to you!