Five Minute Friday: Truth

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Truth” for Five Minute Friday.

Yesterday afternoon I was hacked by a malicious tech support pop-up. In my desperation, I consented to the deceivers’ terms.

They lied over and over, promising to fix my computer remotely. Promising to accept payment wisely. Promising to install shields of protection when they were really scanning my computer for gold.

I didn’t recognize the red flags until it was too late. Then later I read this infographic, and learned how badly I was scammed.

I began the laborious process of resetting dozens of passwords, setting up account protection, and enabling two-step verification. Hours and hours passed, late into the night, and I was still working to rectify the damage.

Today I have to stop payment on a check. I must close my bank account. I need to take the affected devices to a repair shop. I have no way of knowing what damage may occur in the future.

Yet the truth will win out!

God is my defender and shield. He’s better than any protection software. He never deceives, never lies, never poses as a helper.

His truth is steadfast, eternal, immovable. His truth says stealing is wrong, for all time.

I am praying today for these foreign strangers who committed sin after sin. People somewhere in India, I estimate, trapped in webs of wickedness and selfishness. I am praying that someone will reach them with the truth of God’s grace, before it is too late for their repentance.

I am praising God today for his truthfulness. I can trust him with all I have: all my online accounts, email addresses, bank accounts.

I can trust him with my heart forever, because he is Truth, the great I AM.


Questions for reflection:

Have you ever been hacked? How did God help you through that situation?

Your answers will help me cope. Thanks for commenting, and please pray for me!


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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Truth

  1. How frustrating! I’ve been there in a similar way. Truth does win out but it leaves a shadow of mistrust, doesn’t it.

    1. Thanks Gabriele. Yes, I am now feeling like I learned a valuable lesson in trusting God and not clicking on suspicious links.

  2. Sarah – I am so sorry. I bet you feel so violated. Sorry, I have no advice I would be so overwhelmed with where to begin. I guess just one step at a time. Maree

    1. Hi Maree, I felt violated, but also delivered by God when nothing was stolen from my bank account. Praising him today!

    1. HI Theresa. I’m sorry it happened to you too. Yes, I agree…we can’t trust everyone, but I am growing in wisdom and discernment from this experience.

  3. Oh, Sarah! I’m so sorry this happened to you. It feels so invasive when someone steals our information in such a manner. I admire the choice you are making to pray for these people who committed this crime. That’s not an easy thing to do after such a violation. I’m praying for you tonight.

    1. Jeanne, your prayers are a blessing. Nothing was taken from my bank account, and my computer was free from damage. Praising God for answered prayers!

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