Five Minute Friday: Speak

Writing for five unedited minutes on the topic “Speak” for Five Minute Friday.

I’m about to venture into the world of speaking.

I think of myself primarily as a writer, but since I want to pursue a full-time writing career, I must speak too.

I have a speaking engagement in Nebraska this November, and another in Mississippi this December. Two dear writing friends have asked me to speak at their churches, and I’m humbled and honored.

Before I open my mouth with a single word, I’m asking the Lord to speak to me.

Here’s what I’m praying before I venture into the world of speaking:

Lord, what are the needs of this specific audience?

What particular message do you want me to deliver to them?

Which scriptures do they need to hear, Lord?

What stories and experiences from my life do you want me to share?

What DON’T you want me to share, Lord?

How can I bring you greater glory in the words I speak?

I want the words He wants me to speak, and to let my words fade into the background.

Prayer is the key to knowing what words to speak, and I’m relying on prayer in these months of preparation.

Questions for you:

Have you served as a speaker before? How did prayer help you prepare?


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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Speak

  1. Visiting as your fmf neighbor. Speaking is the next extension to writing. You have the basics down … prayer for preparation and turning the engagement to the Lord. You have my prayers for a successful message!

  2. That’s exciting that you have opportunities to speak. I like your prayer- I think my prayers are similar when I am speaking. I always remind myself of Isaiah 55:10-11 which talks about how when God’s Word goes out, it always bears fruit and accomplishes what God wants it to. Sometimes we see that, other times we don’t, but we can trust that he will use our words. Praying for you as you prepare.

    1. Hi Lesley, I am excited and nervous about it, but I know God has appointed these meetings! Thanks for sharing this verse with me. I’ll use it as inspiration for my prayers, and I deeply appreciate your prayers on my behalf!

  3. Congratulations! How special to have the opportunity to speak! With the thoughtful prayer and preparation…the questions you are asking…no doubt, He will bless both you – and your audiences!!

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