Five Minute Friday: Slow

This is a poem written in five minutes flat, on the prompt “Slow” for the Five-Minute Friday linkup.

Slow is a breath of fresh air

after writing for days and days,

copying, pasting, editing, sending.

I open the front door

and step out into February sunshine

seventy degrees and breezy.

Slow is the stroll up the gravel drive

to the church cemetery

where I walk in a loop

around sleeping saints.

Slow is a wink of hope

when I catch a glimpse

of yellow shining bright

among dead leaves:

daffodils pushing through

so early

so welcome.

Slow is an envelope of peace

as I listen to the birds twittering

in the cedar trees

as I hear squirrels scuttering

over fallen branches

as I watch the hawk circle slowly

over us, seeing what I don’t notice.

But today I take notice

of the small things,

the tiny purple flowers

peering up cheerful

amid the gravel.

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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Slow

  1. I love your poem…it caused me to take a breath, slow down and read it. There is so much beauty in the world if we will simply slow down long enough to notice it, isn’t there. Stopping in from Grace & Truth

    1. Hi Leah, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my poem gave you a moment of “slow.” Visiting your site now!

    1. I love early spring, not much of a winter person. But I love seeing photos of other people’s winters. Snow is beautiful–we only get a bit here and there where I live, and I’m just fine with that!

  2. Great poem! I can’t to be outside more with warmer temperatures and slow down and enjoy God’s creation.

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