Five Minute Friday: Play

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Play” for Five Minute Friday.

When I play my flute, my soul is soothed and I gain peace in God’s presence.

I learned to play the flute in seventh grade, and I continued on all through college. In my challenging high school years, playing my flute was a source of comfort. Each morning band class was the first class of the day, and music sent my spirit to a peaceful place.

I often played in church as well. I played along with my mom on the harp at many services and programs. We played in hospitals and nursing homes at Christmas, making a ministry from music. I loved bringing joy and peace to others by playing my flute.

Even though two decades have passed since I played regularly, I still break out my flute at home from time to time. When I play old hymns, my spirit goes to that special place where only music can take me. Playing the flute soothes me like nothing else.

In the Bible, music was used for soothing. Here’s an example:

Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him. 1 Samuel 16:23 NIV

Right now I’m busy and burdened and desperate for rest. Maybe it’s time to bring my flute out of hiding and gain some peace through playing music.

Question for reflection:

Are you a musician? How does playing music bring you peace?

If you are not a musician, how does listening to music minister to you?


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  • Yes, music is a huge blessing in all of our lives. Your post brings these words of Martin Luther into my ming “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thanks for sharing that quote! I’m a Lutheran, so I like hearing new wisdom from Martin Luther!

  • StephenLizzy Ainsworth

    That’s the other instrument I tried to learn and I can play Have Faith in God but that’s it! So many people seem to be writing about times of transition! God is preparing us for something…

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Lizzy. It took me quite a while to master the flute, but I’m glad I did! I hope you consider the Trusting God in Times of Transition series. If you do, I’d love to hear your feedback!

  • I enjoyed this, Sarah! Music is the primary connection between my heart and God’s. I’ve missed you on our Friday Five linkups so I’m happy to find you at the #fmfparty linkup!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Andrea. I have missed you too on Kelly’s wonderful linkup. I’ll look for your post on FMF. Blessings to you!

  • Sara Lewis

    I am not a musician, but ALL kinds of music speak to me in different ways. I’ll bet not many people know how much I love the Christian rap scene, but I get all kinds of great nuggets from it. Here is an example of it in my previous post:

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thanks for sharing your post. I will check it out! I like Toby Mac, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in the Christian rap scene.

  • paulakiger

    I played the flute in high school (and a little bit in college). So many memories linked to music. I eventually gave it away — to kids in Moore, OK, who lost their band room and pretty much everything after the tornadoes. I like to think it is bringing some other kid the joy it brought me (but I hope someone was able to give it a huge overhaul first!).

    • Sarah Geringer

      That’s very generous of you, Paula! My flute needs a major overhaul, and an older friend passed it down to me. Doubt she would have imagined I’m still playing it 20+ years later!

  • I agree, music is the perfect way to switch off and relax. It always takes my mind off whatever is bothering me.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Lesley. I need to get my flute out this afternoon and play a few notes, to relax!

  • Sarah, beautiful thoughts on music and playing your flute. It is amazing to me how beautifully music can minister to our hearts and minds.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Joanne! Yes, music is a powerful minister to my heart and spirit!

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Love this, Sarah! The instrument that gives me peace are the Highland bagpipes…but I never ;earned to play them. Just listening’s enough.

    #2 at FMF this week.

    • Sarah Geringer

      The sound of bagpipes bring to mind one of my favorite movies (Dead Poets Society) and my alma mater, which has ties to Scotland. Thanks for bringing those goodies to mind through your comment!

  • The flute and harp are such beautifully sounding instruments. I’ve always dreamed of learning how play the harp. I think you should get our flute out, asap, Sara! Take a moment to soothe your soul and those blessed to be around you when you play!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi June, the harp and flute mesh beautifully. If you learn to play the harp, you will be blessed. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love music. I love to listen to it and even dance around my kitchen hoping no one but God is looking. I can play the piano but hardly ever touch it. You have encouraged me to get my fingers on the keys. Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • Sarah Geringer

      I’m like you…I prefer to dance around in private, or maybe just in front of my kiddos. I learned to play piano as a child but I need to relearn it through the piano that sits somewhat neglected in my living room. Blessings to you!

  • jennifer smith

    I have recently started taking clarinet lessons – and I have to admit, lessons at my age have not been exactly easy. But I love creating music…and hope to, one day, use the clarinet to minister to others.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Jennifer. I hope your lessons go well, and that God gives you opportunities to play the clarinet to minister to others! Blessings to you!

  • Shauna Blaak

    Hi Sarah! What a great post! I’m a singer, pianist, and worship leader, and I can completely relate. Even scales give me joy when I’m playing on a GOOD instrument.

    Loved this: “When I play old hymns, my spirit goes to that special place where only music can take me. Playing the flute soothes me like nothing else.” There’s just something special about those familiar melodies and ancient truths. Comfort – with a catch in my throat and a tear in my eye. Beautiful!

    Shauna Blaak (You’re neighbour in FMF#16. Sorry I’m so late to visit. ♥)