Five Minute Friday: Friend

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Friend” for Five Minute Friday.


Oh, my sweet daughter,

I hate to see your heart break.

Your friend, the one who writes you sparkly notes

the one who gives you hugs whenever you meet

the one who soothed you when another girl turned her back

snubbed you on the playground.

Yesterday you entered the car crying

no longer able to hold it in.

Dear one, you are only eight years old

and your heart has already broken twice

over the complicated nature of girl friendships.

How I understand.

I remember trying so hard

and falling down flat.

I remember

the mean looks, the whispers, the cold stares

from those who I thought cared.

I also remember

sometimes dishing out

what I didn’t want to receive.

I’m sorry to say

it’s only beginning.

But I also tell you:

You are not alone.

Jesus is always at your side.

He loves you for who you are.

He created you as an artist, a reader, a sensitive soul.

They may not understand you

just as they didn’t understand me.

I know how lonely it can be.

Yet you are beautiful inside and out.

If you can’t do a flip on the monkey bars

or run fast or shoot baskets

I promise it won’t matter

when you’re grown up.

But I know it matters now.

I’m praying for you, love.

I’m praying God will give you one good friend

to listen to your secrets and keep them safe.

One good friend to smile and laugh with you.

One good friend to share new perspectives

and challenge your sharp edges.

Just one friend

to hold your hand

and walk beside you

in this long, difficult,

complex, beautiful life.


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16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

  1. Beautiful and poignant. Brings back memories of my own childhood and also makes me think of my dear granddaughter and the pain that she may endure–and that I also hope she doesn’t dish out! I think I was always the sensitive artist/writer/poet type, even back then, and I couldn’t do flips on the monkey bars or shoot baskets (or hit the softball) either. I’m going to pray your lovely prayer for your daughter right along with you!
    Sylvia R at

    1. Dear Sylvia, thank you so much. I am always glad to find a kindred artist/poet friend online. Heading over to you blog right now, blessings to you.

  2. This encouragement to your daughter is so absolutely beautiful, Sarah. I hope you are able to share it with her. Every girl, woman, grown-up needs to hear this. Your friend in the spot right after you:)

  3. Your daughter is so blessed to have you. Your sensitivity to her hurt and transparency to your own experiences are invaluable. I wish I had a mother like you. I wish I had been such a mother. May God continue to give you wisdom to be what your daughter needs you to be and may he fill you with more grace and mercy for the days to come.

  4. You have written a beautiful note to your daughter – and to us all! We all have felt the sting of a friendship, one we thought would be with us to the end. Your daughter is blessed to have these words to hold onto for those hard days. And may the Lord help us all to be better friends to others, not causing hurt. Blessings!

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem! As an elementary teacher, I deal with friendship issues A TON and really appreciate when parents are involved with the tougher aspects of dealing with friends. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sarah. Lovely site and such sweet words for your little girl. Words some of us big girls need to hear from time to time too. Hearts are fragile when held by friends. I imagine the day will come when your daughter knows you as one of her best friends. But for now, you’re get to be her best mom. It’s the best of both 🙂

  7. Sarah, such lovely words and stated so poignantly. I remember my sons telling me about times they ate alone or sat alone at recess. Developing social skills involves painful moments of trial and error. But it breaks a parent’s heart to hear about those errors-some due to their own decisions and some due to others. Learning about humanity from previously innocent eyes brings disappointment yet reveals to us that our hope is found outside of this flesh. Praying for healing for her wounds and hope in her soul.

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Stephanie. She’s working it out with that friend and growing in kindness. Glad for your visit here!

  8. Loved this! It’s so hard when our kids get hurt by others, I think it hurts us moms more. Our children need to know God loves always and forever!

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