Five Minute Friday: Expect

Writing for five unedited minutes on the Five Minute Friday prompt “Expect.”

I’m attending two writers’ conferences this summer. One in my hometown. One in North Carolina. I’m full of hopeful expectations, but I don’t quite know what to expect.

In my local conference, I’m submitting a poem for the writing contest. I’m also entering a portfolio of drawings in the illustrator’s contest. Will I place? I don’t know. I’m also selling my books for the first time at the book table. Will anyone buy them? I don’t know that either.

At the She Speaks conference, I will present my next book idea to a publisher or agent. Will it interest them? I can’t be sure. My hopes are high, but I don’t know what to expect. I may receive no wins, no sales, and no leads. Or I may receive all of them.

But this is what I do know:

  1. I can be a friend to other writers. I remember the first conference I attended in 2013. Worried I’d feel alone, I prayed that God would give me just one friend for those three days. And he did! I’m praying the same for these conferences, with a twist. I can BE a friend to others who look scared or intimidated, like I once felt. I can put my introverted tendencies aside and encourage someone else.
  2. I will learn new things. Every time I’ve attended a conference, I took away something new for my craft or platform. I’m guaranteed to have new lessons this July, probably more than I can take in.
  3. I will see God’s movement in my life. I’m sure he will reveal new paths to me as I attend these conferences. He’s done that in the conferences I previously attended, and I expect the same this summer.

Questions for reflection:

Are you attending a conference this summer? What do you expect to gain from your experience there?

If you attended She Speaks in the past, will you share your top takeaways in the comments? Thanks!


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23 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Expect

  1. Love the 3 tips, Sarah. Connecting and networking – being a friend – is tops on my list. I walked away from SheSpeaks with several solid friendships, relationships where we continue to feed into each others’ lives. Visiting today via #faithonfire.

    1. Hi Kristi. Thanks for letting me know what you gained from She Speaks. I’m SO looking forward to it!

      1. Dear Sarah, thank you for your insights and expectations for intreacting at a writers’ conference. My first experience was a bit disappointing, probably because I was too focused on my work is team of His work and His children. Thanks for strategies for making the next one better.

        1. I just returned from She Speaks, and it was amazing. I wrote another post about it, and if you are planning to attend another conference, the new post may offer extra encouragement. Thanks for visiting!

  2. What great opportunities you have coming up. I pray that God uses you to be a blessing to a new comer and that he pours out to you till you overflow. You are such a gift to others including me and I can’t wait to see you implement the things you learn. Hope to join you at She speaks one day.

    1. Calvonia, I’m blessed by your kind words. I’ve been dreaming about attending She Speaks for four years, and I’m so thankful God said 2017 is the year for me! Hope to meet you there too!

  3. Great tips, Sarah! I’m attending the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in September, it’s only my third ACFW conference, and I think you’ve offered wise insights here. So much to be gleaned at a conference if we’ll enter with our hands and hearts open to all God has in store for us.

    1. Hello Heidi! Yes, we will gain more from conferences if our hearts and hands are open. I will keep this comment in mind as I attend this summer. Thank you!

    1. Hi Nylse, I highly recommend the conferences. They inspire in so many ways. My writing skills, platform development, and networking has grown exponentially through them. Blessings to you!

  4. I’ve attended lots of conferences on counseling and other subjects, but never a writer’s conference. I hope to one day. But your advice fits just about any conference.

    1. They are wonderful, aren’t they Donna? I need to budget to attend at least one other, besides my local conference, each year.

  5. What a wonderful attitude with which to approach a writers’ conference, Sarah! You’ll be in my prayers; I suspect some lucky agent will have the light bulb go off, and with difficulty keep herself from screaming in joy, “She’s the ONE!”

    No conferences for me. It hurts too much to leave the property now; I haven’t been beyond the wire in eight months. But if there is a miracle…look for the burly Chinese dude in a black t-shirt and wraparound Oakleys, leaning against a wall and watching the world go by. That’ll be me.

    #1 at FMF this week.

    1. Thanks Andrew! I’m hoping God will connect me with an agent. Trusting in his timing. If you ever attend one, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  6. Love this, Sarah! I especially love the twist of you being a friend to someone who was in your position previously. If I were there, I’d love to bump into a person like you! I hope it’s okay but I would love to include this at the bottom of a post I am writing on trip preparations. God bless!

  7. That’s awesome… hope the conferences go well! I won’t be going to any summer conferences, but I will be at Hutchmoot (which isn’t… really a writers conference? But there are writing things. haha) and checking out the Boston Book Festival in the fall. October is my month of writer things!

    1. I love book festivals too! My writers guild is hosting one this October, and I can’t wait! Thanks for visiting, Jen.

    1. You would love She Speaks, Michele. Signups begin in February. They sell out fast, so pray about it and keep it in mind! I’m here to answer any of your questions too.

  8. Thank you for sharing Sarah. Although I have yet to attend a writer’s conference, I hope to attend a conference in the next year or so – giving this to God! I have attended Christian conferences in the past and prayed for a conference buddy or connection with other women and my prayers were answered! My prayers will be with you this week!

    1. Thanks Robin! It was absolutely wonderful at She Speaks. When we talk again via email or phone for upcoming projects, I’ll be sure to fill you in!

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