Five Minute Friday: Blessing

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Blessing” for Five Minute Friday.

I’ve blogged for more than seven years, and I can count many blessings specific to this blogging world.

  1. Community. I’ve developed many online friendships through blogging. I even get to meet some of these friends at She Speaks 2017 in a few weeks and at the Come With Me retreat this fall. So excited!
  2. Discipline. Blogging on a regular basis has developed good habits, both in my writing career and my personal life.
  3. Knowledge. Through reading many other blogs, I’ve been inspired to tweak and correct my own. I’m always learning by viewing examples, and that helps me improve my own blog.
  4. Motivation. Knowing that readers expect something new keeps me going.
  5. Growth. My writing has improved the more often I’ve written and the more I’ve read other blogs.
  6. Outward focus. The blog posts that get the most feedback are the ones that minister to others, so I have learned to tailor my writing toward readers’ needs.
  7. Dream fulfillment. I can honestly say I’m a writer since I blog, and that fulfills a long-held dream of mine!

I’m thanking God today for everything in this list. He’s stretched me, sharpened me, and shaped me through blogging, and I’m so grateful for the blessings I’ve received on this journey.

Question for reflection:

What blessings have you received in your blogging journey?


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  • hmm..friendship with others and.. an outlet to share my creativity. 🙂 visiting from FMF.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Love this: outlet to share creativity. I agree!

  • I love your list of blessings. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I agree with all of these. I have learned so much and the biggest blessing has been the community- I had no idea I would connect wit so many wonderful people! Stopping by from FMF.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Lesley, you’re definitely one of the people I love connecting with through blogging! Blessings to you.

  • gabriele

    I have learned to read words from so many writers that uplift and sustain. The surprise is always that they hear me too.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Yes, I love the fact that we can offer each other feedback, and surprise each other with responses. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tara Ulrich

    Love this!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thank you Tara!

  • One blessing for me has been some online friends, as you say. Also a weekly writing deadline for my blog has helped me to show up regularly to write. I’ve learned so much!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Betsy, I know what you mean! Online friends are a huge blessings for me, and the deadlines keep me going too.

  • Allison Wixted

    Hi Betsy! Nice to meet you too through #livingfreethursday!

    Really enjoyed this uplifting post about blogging since you’re a veteran and I’m brand new! Great motivation to keep going!

    Congrats on your blogging and writing career! Sounds like I could learn a lot from you!

    Hope to catch you in person at She Speaks in a few weeks! Best wishes preparing!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Allison, I’m glad you visited from Suzie’s site. She’s a wonderful mentor in Compel, and I saw that you recently joined. You’ll love that great community of writers! Yes, I look forward to meeting you at She Speaks too. There is a lunch for Compel members. Maybe we’ll meet there 🙂

  • I’ve definitely been blessed by the community aspect of blogging. I love writing, so one of the major ways blogging blesses me is because it is an outlet for something I enjoy doing!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Me too, Shannon. I love blogging. It will be tough to take my three-week break starting today, but I’ll be back better than ever afterward.