Easter Prayer: Sermon on the Mount

This is the first prayer in a series of Easter prayers, featuring photos from my friend’s recent trip to the Holy Land.

Today’s photos were taken at the actual site where the Sermon on the Mount was preached.


How quick we are to forget your teachings, Jesus.

So much like your people in the days you walked this earth,

we forget your words and forsake your authority.

Once you sat on a hillside,

teaching your disciples and anyone who cared to listen.

You taught about blessings for the poor, hungry, downtrodden

rather than the great, mighty, and powerful.

You said we are the salt and light of the world

so valuable to you, yet so rejected by those who don’t understand.

You taught us ways to stop hurting each other.

You warned us against the heartbreak and division

of anger, adultery, divorce.

You asked us to do hard things:

turn our cheeks, walk another mile, love our enemies.

Give in secret, you said.

Pray without pretense.

Forgive others. Live lightly. Be pure.

Don’t worry.

Don’t judge.

Keep asking, seeking, knocking.

Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Follow a narrow path.  Produce good fruit.  Be true and faithful.

Build on a solid foundation, you said.

And you were that solid foundation,

the stone the builders rejected

when the hosannas turned to shouts of hatred.

Why is it so hard for us to remember, Lord?

Why do we ignore the very words that give us life?

Let this Easter be different, Jesus.

Let your word be enough for us.

Plant your words like seeds in our hearts.

Nourish the seedlings and help them grow

green and verdant

like the hills where your great sermon was preached.


Questions for reflection:

What part of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6 & 7 is most relevant to your life right now?

How can you nourish the seed of God’s word in your heart?

Join me next week for more prayers in honor of Holy Week.

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31 thoughts on “Easter Prayer: Sermon on the Mount

  1. What a beautiful Scripture prayer, Sarah! I love taking God’s word and forming a prayer from the truths it reveals. And I’d love to have you add this to my linkup. My linkup includes anything that can inspire and help us in our lives and marriages. This certainly fits that criteria! Looking forward to getting to know you better at the conference, my friend! And I may end up having my hubby drive me down to your location so that I can ride with you. I’m having little luck on finding a way there otherwise. I’ll be in touch if this ends up being my course of action. Thank you again for letting me room with you!

    1. LOVE this idea! I’ll link it up right now. And I’ll be in touch re: travel plans. Can’t wait for She Speaks 2017!

  2. So grateful for this prayer today, Sarah! With SO much going on right now, I’ve been finding it hard to slow down and reflect on Christ as Easter approaches. This was a beautiful space to do that today 🙂

  3. What a beautiful prayer and summary of the Sermon on the Mount! Thank you for encouraging me to stop and reflect on it today. I always appreciate your posts. Thank you for sharing this one with us at Encouraging Word Wednesday this week!

  4. I love these thoughts, particularly framed around the Sermon on the Mount. Whenever I read those words I’m conscious of the fact that Jesus was speaking to such a mixed audience of people all along the spectrum of belief and unbelief. And of course, my own heart runs along that same spectrum every day, so I need His Truth in my ears and in my heart.
    Blessed Easter to you, Sarah.

  5. My favorite lines:
    “Let your word be enough for us.

    Plant your words like seeds in our hearts.

    Nourish the seedlings and help them grow…”


  6. Theses words,
    “Let this Easter be different, Jesus.

    Let your word be enough for us.”
    sink deep in my spirit. God is calling us from the mundane, going through the motions, stagnant relationship to some real and authentic. I agree with you in prayer, Lord, let this Easter be different! In Jesus name!

  7. Thanks for posting the pictures with your beautiful poem! Sometimes I need to be reminded that those words were spoken at a specific time in a specific place and think about the impact they would have had on the audience. Then I need to let it seep into my soul too!

  8. Your neighbor at Heart Encouragement Thursday. This is such a beautiful poem. There are so many practical instructions to take to heart in the Sermon on the Mount. Thank you for sharing this. May your soul be refreshed in the truths of God’s Word.

  9. So beautiful, and as I read I feel challenged… when was the last time I absorbed His words with the purpose of planting them and growing them in me first before I’m quick to forget them, with real real intention!?
    Lord, plant your words deep….
    So grateful I stopped by once again, Sarah! Blessings! visiting from #47 today at the #fmf!

  10. This is great, Sarah. The bit that resonates for me is ‘live lightly’; as my physical circumstance gets ever-worse, I find that there is a lightness of heart that becomes easier to hold. It’s interesting.

    I used to have a heavy-metal soundtrack to life playing in my head, but now it’s bouncy, cheerful stuff like Fogarty’s “Centerfield” and Dire Straits’ “Walk Of Life” (which is featured on my FMF post this week).

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for reading! Your personality shines through all your comments. Visiting your site now!

  11. Sarah – I am so sorry, it has taken me a whole week to stop by and comment from #TuneInThursday linkup last week. I was away at a Conference since last week and the wifi was practically non-existent.

    beautiful prayer for easter…Yes, Jesus, let this Easter be difference!!! so have you been to Israel? I got to go back in 2009 and the area where Jesus preached the sermon on the mount was so beautiful and serene.. overlooking the sea. oh man I long to go back again and explore more.

    Again thank you for linking up last week, and I hope to see you today at #TuneInThursday

    1. Hi Debbie, no worries, I get behind on blog reading too. No, I haven’t been to Israel, but my close friend returned from her trip last week and graciously allowed me to use her photos. Happy Easter to you!

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