Daily Lenten devotional 3.26.16

resurrection gardenRead:  John 19:38-42

Nicodemus wasn’t an average Pharisee.  He loved the laws of God, and enjoyed power and wealth like the others.  But he had questions the laws couldn’t answer.  He went to Jesus under the cover of night.  He was the first person to hear the most famous of Jesus’ sayings, John 3:16.  Nicodemus isn’t mentioned again until Jesus’ burial in John 19.  He supplied a large, expensive quantity of burial spices.  He and Joseph of Arimathea prepared the body according to Jewish custom, carefully wrapping the bruised and beaten limbs with linen.  Nicodemus had changed.  He willingly put his reputation on the line and considered the messy, challenging, and costly burial a privilege.  He did what he could to honor Jesus because the words of John 3:16 had come to life before his eyes.


Have the words of John 3:16 changed you, as they changed Nicodemus?

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