Daily Lenten devotional 3.24.16

Read:  Matthew 26:20-25

path w grass

Judas had arranged a plan with the Pharisees.  The plan would go into action in a few hours.  His heart beat rapidly, but he kept his gaze low at the table so no one would suspect a change.  But he nearly choked on his food when Jesus brought it up, saying one of the disciples would betray him.  He struggled to hide his shock, then felt relieved when all the others said, “Surely not I, Lord?”  Judas played along.  He dipped his bread in the sauce and took his turn—“Surely not I?”  Jesus gazed at him intently, and Judas was surprised to see such hurt in his eyes.  He realized, too late, that Jesus had been a better friend to him than he had ever dared to be.  Then Jesus said in front of all the others, “Yes, it is you.”  No hiding anymore, Judas thought.


Have you ever been betrayed, or have you ever betrayed someone?  Take a moment to ask for God’s healing or forgiveness.