Daily Lenten devotional 3.23.16

Read:  Matthew 26:14-16

path w grass

Judas Iscariot remembered the day Jesus called him.  He gave up everything to follow this Rabbi, who told the disciples he was the Messiah.  How privileged Judas thought he would be among the Messiah’s inner circle.  The Messiah had been promised long ago to deliver God’s people.  Judas longed to be part of that mission, new wave, and power surge.  He longed for the restoration of King Solomon’s reign, when every Jew was safe, free from oppression, and prosperous.  He had truly believed Jesus might be the one who restored power.  But Judas was tired of waiting—tired of crowds, parables, and living on the provision of others.  The itinerant life, not a prosperous one.  The last straw was the woman who had provocatively anointed Jesus.  He couldn’t handle Jesus’ praise of her waste.  Judas was finished with this path that led to nowhere.  He knew right where to go next–to the Pharisees, the powerful Jews.  (Story continued here.)


Judas followed Jesus for three years, yet betrayed him.  How can you guard your heart against falling away from the Lord?