Daily Lenten devotional 3.15.16

Day 35, Week 5:  Strength in the Lord (Rock)

build step 6

Read:  Psalm 18:2

A home is meant to be a safe place, a haven from life’s storms.  But my home became an idol during a stressful period several years ago.  I saw my home as a fortress that buffered me from evil and heartache.  One day while I prayed for direction for my husband’s career, God spoke to my heart: “Put all the trust you have in this house in Me.”  These unexpected words struck me to the core.  I was forced to face a hard fact:  I had chosen my home as a source of security over God.  Over time God helped me transfer my trust over to him, and prioritize my home in its rightful place.  He is my rock and fortress now.


What is serving as your fortress?