Daily Lenten devotional 2.24.16

clay potDay 15, Week 3:  God’s Will (Clay Pot)

Today’s scripture passage:

Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand.  Jeremiah 18:6b NIV

For this week of our Lenten study, we will focus on the small clay pot of the resurrection garden.  The Bible points to God as a potter and people as pots.  God carefully crafts each one of us for his purposes.  We are his creation – we do not create ourselves.  God’s will and purposes are unique for each one of us, just as no two pieces of handmade pottery are alike.  When the clay of my heart is pliable, I am willing to conform my desires to God’s will, and I am a more useful vessel.

Today’s reflection:  

Is the clay of your heart easy for God to shape, or is it rocky, dried out, or contaminated?