Creating Christmas Memories with your Children

My three Christmas sweeties, 2011

Are you looking for ideas to create Christmas memories with your children? I have ideas to share in my new book, Christmas Peace for Busy Moms. Here’s an adaptation from Day 12 of the book, which will soon be featured in the online Bible study here on my blog. Enjoy this excerpt…

Dear friend, I encourage you to purpose in your heart to create peaceful moments with your children this Christmas. Not perfect moments, but peaceful moments. Moments when you intentionally introduce your children to the Prince of Peace.

So many methods and tools exist. I encourage you to choose ones that fit your needs. Here are the ones which have helped me most.

When our children were small, we bought a toy nativity set for them. With this set they acted out the Christmas story in their own imagination, and they delighted in setting animals around the scene and placing baby Jesus in the manger. Times of free play with those toys planted seeds of the true Christmas story in their hearts.

I bought many Christmas picture books for their enjoyment. So many books feature the fun, light, playful aspects of the season, but I made sure to introduce them to stories about the Prince of Peace. (A list of our favorite books is available in Christmas Peace for Busy Moms.)

This year since my children are old enough to enjoy longer stories, we will use Ann Voskamp’s gorgeously written and illustrated “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” in family devotions. I have found that even my 12-year-old son still enjoys read-aloud family time, and your older children may also. Which books from your family collection serve as tools for teaching your children the Christmas story?

My children love Advent calendars. I use this one: “The Story of Christmas Story Book Set and Advent Calendar” written by Mary Packard and illustrated by Carolyn Croll. This is an imaginative retelling of the Christmas story in 24 little books ready to hang on a tree.

Over breakfast, we read the short daily story and they take turns decorating a small tree in our kitchen meant just for these little books. I like this resource because it keeps all of us in touch with the true Christmas story on a daily basis.

We often use the story of the day as a springboard for discussion on our drive to school and work. It’s an easy way for us to start the day together in God’s Word in busy December.

This year we are also using “All the Colors of Christmas,” a brand-new Advent activity calendar and coloring book from Focus on the Family. I am looking forward to coloring these special pages with my children and creating a unique 3-D paper tree. Visit this link to order while supplies last.

If you liked this post, please purchase Christmas Peace for Busy Moms on Amazon or Smashwords. Then plan to join me for the online Bible study Nov. 1 – Dec. 2, 2016. Many moms will share ideas and encouragement for Christmas peace in the discussion, and each comment enters you for weekly giveaways. I look forward to getting to know you here!

Blessings to you today,

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