Covenant, 1997

1997 covenant0001

I followed God’s call to the mountain

and here I sit praising him

on a Sunday afternoon.

Mornings rustle with bright fall leaves

scattered about on pebbled walkways

to chapel.  Fellowship abounds

there, when students and faculty

sing together, mull on scripture

side by side, and lift up prayers


Afternoons crackle with provoking lectures

dashed with humor and solemn reverence.

I steep myself in the glorious Pentateuch,

Dante’s flaming circles, and brilliant

seventies film interpretation.

Evenings spark rich discussion

while I study with my roommate.

We listen to Mozart and drink spicy tea,

gathering up luscious handfuls

of dried cranberries snd pistachios, a perfect

combination from her California home.

Fridays are lovely:  we drive down to the sparkling

night valley for pesto pizza and Krispy Kremes,

visiting the dollar theater or the Gap outlet,

laughing all the way down and up.

Sundays are liturgical:  worship first,

special dinner in the great hall,

afternoon rest, then a call home

before sunset.  Here I find

peace, beauty, and deep relief

from my inner aches at last.


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