Choosing the Fruit of Goodness

When I became a mother, my senses were sharpened to notice worldly influences on my children.

I had new eyes.  Television shows became a minefield of questionable content.  I became more alert, even when watching commercials.  So many images had to be blocked and hidden from my children’s innocent eyes.

I had new ears.  Lyrics I had enjoyed before were unsafe for my children.  I found myself turning the volume down and switching radio stations way more often.

I had new lips.  With a desire to feed my children healthy food, I paid more attention to the preservatives and additives in our purchases.  I made changes to my cooking habits and bought more fruits and vegetables.

After making better choices for my children’s sake, I tasted the fruit of goodness myself.  I didn’t miss racy or morbid television shows.  I didn’t want to listen to negative, worldly music anymore either.  I craved healthy food more than junk food.

God used those years to sanctify me…a fancy theological word for cleaning, making holy.  I believe God wanted to set me apart from the world as a special treasure for himself, and He was sanctifying me with goodness.

His light in me created a craving for goodness.  The closer I depended on Him as a young mom, the more I longed for what is good and right and true.

Even though my children are older now, I still choose the fruit of goodness for them and for myself.  We’re engaging with media differently, building critical thinking skills.  I allow them some freedom in eating junk food, but the majority of their diet is healthy and wholesome.  I pray that as they grow, they will choose the fruit of goodness because they saw me choosing it for myself.

Questions for reflection:

How did your choices change when you became a mom?

How does the fruit of goodness produce healthy cravings in your spiritual life?


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  • Becoming a mom changes us in more ways that expected. I know it did for me. And now, we have a granddaughter who brings out those same concerns in me. Not that her parents haven’t established boundaries but when she’s with us I again notice more that cause me to consider their value, or lack of. Good for all of us.

    • Sarah

      Very good to know, Debby! Thanks for your visit!

  • I think we under-value the power of goodness. I’m teaching out of I Peter right now, and he makes such a point of the importance of our behavior before a watching (and needy) world. How much more true this must be in our homes as we live before our children!

    • Sarah

      Yes, that’s a great reminder from 1 Peter. Love that book of the Bible!

  • I love this post and can honestly say I’ve never looked at the fruit of goodness quite like this before! Thank you for new insight and a challenge to choose goodness so I will crave God. Thanks for linking up at Encouraging Word Wednesday this week!

    • Sarah

      Hi Charlie, glad you learned something new! Happy to join your linkup each week!

  • Kristen Shane

    Beautiful insight! Goodness is a great fruit to pursue.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Kristen!

  • Whetting our appetites for all the good things, and it’ll spill over into every part of our walk… needing this reminder for myself today, Sarah, thankful for you! Blessings, friend!

    • Sarah

      Hi Christine! Glad for your visit today. Blessings to you as well!

  • In that trade, what we get is far better than what we lose, isn’t it? Love your phrasing “Craving goodness.” The more we feast on goodness, the more we crave. Kind of like sugar, but so much better. We eat it, so we crave it, so we eat it… 🙂 — Those parental shifts, making room for healthy living in our children — they end up teaching us as well, don’t they? 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Sarah. ((xoxo))

    • Sarah

      Thanks Brenda! Indeed, the more we feast on goodness, the more we crave. Blessings to you!

  • Rosanna Penner-Sauereisen

    I too recognize how God has shaped my desires to him through my children. What a blessing children are to us.

    • Sarah

      Hi Rosanna! Glad to meet you!

  • Karen Del Tatto

    This was such an extremely edifying post!!

    Your insights gained from raising young children are such a testimony!

    It seems that anything we do more of, we crave more of. The more I drink water, the more thirsty I seem to be. The more I sleep, the more sleep I seem to need. The more sweets I eat, the more sugar I want. It can definitely go both ways.

    Thank you for the reminder to choose goodness every time for out of that choice, I will crave goodness more and more.

    • Sarah

      Hi Karen! I’m glad it resonated with you. I agree, the more I intake, the more I crave. So I’m trying to do that with prayer and God’s word in this Lenten season.

  • It’s amazing how we become more sensitive to these things once we have children. You’re right, though, that we need to choose goodness for ourselves, too, not just for them.
    I’m so grateful that the Lord teaches me so much through motherhood!

    • Sarah

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for your comment. Headed over to your site now!

  • Debbie Kitterman

    Sarah – we just finished a sermon series at church on the Fruit of the Spirit. This is a good read and reminder. I will be talking about the fruit of Kindness tomorrow on my video blog. Also, you are so right – becoming a parent definitely changes the way you think and the things you do. Blessings and thanks so much for linking up with #TuneInThursday this week. It has been a crazy week, sorry for the delay in getting to visit you. 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks Debbie! Glad to link up with you!

  • Sarah, thank you for this reflection on goodness. Oh my, it’s the same here. Having children created a brand new filter to look through on everything in life. What a blessing that has been! I really loved your thoughts! And your book – it’s excellent! I have gotten so much from reading it! Thank you!

    • Sarah

      So blessed by this comment, Leslie! Many thanks for this one and all the comments in the FB group too!

  • a beautiful graphic and truth – thanks, sarah! shared, pinned and tweeted.

    • Sarah

      Oh, thanks SO much for all the shares, Sue! Blessings to you!

  • Julie Loos

    I enjoyed this! Love the graphics! #Grace&Truth

    • Sarah

      Thank you! I love creating them!